Giddyup! Sports Anchor Adam Lefkoe Drops 41 'Seinfeld' References During Live Telecast


Lousiville's WHAS 11 had a SportsCast to remember last week, with sports anchor Adam Lefkoe dropping an astounding 41 Seinfeld references in his five minute time slot. Barely stopping for a breath, Lefkoe drops reference after reference, and the result is just beautiful. In the description of the YouTube video which showcase’s his impressive Seinfeld cred, Lefkoe explains he used Twitter to crowd-source some of the show's most memorable moments to include in his sportscast.

Upon first watch, be careful not to get caught up in the whimsy of it all (like yours truly), and catch some of the references he drops in the graphics (e.g. “master of his domain”), and the extra Seinfeld-ism added by his co-host, who brings back to life one of the most memorable dances on television.