Ryan Seacrest NBC Job Strengthens His Role As a Powerful Media Figure


In an interview with Matt Lauer on Wednesday on the Today show, Ryan Seacrest officially announced his new job working for NBC covering this summer's London Olympics. Rumor has it that Seacrest will replace Lauer once the Today host's contract expires later this year. Seacrest denied the rumor, but his new position at the network may just be the start he needs to work his way into a lead-anchor position on NBC. Seacrest’s journey, successful career, and latest accomplishment make him an inspiration to anyone who has a dream and is willing to work hard — especially for many millennials struggling to find jobs.

Seacrest begins this summer with his first assignment covering the Olympics. His new position doesn’t come as a real threat to Lauer, who can easily renew his contract for as long as he wants.

It has been reported that Lauer is currently handling negotiations with the network and Today to remain on the program. Many believe that Lauer is a fundamental component to the show’s popularity. For a morning news show, Lauer provides just the right mix of serious and silly, which shows his solid ability to transition from news that is politically driven to stories that are more entertaining. The consensus is that the network is willing to do whatever it will take to secure his spot on the show again, including meet his reportedly $25 million salary demand. In 2010, the Today show generated $450 million in ad revenue, which is why it can afford to compensate the expensive salary demands of Lauer or even the his successor.

Seacrest has already mastered reporting on lighter news from his experience as a host on American Idol and E News, but he needs to strengthen his persona as a serious journalist.  Judging by the various career moves he’s taken on in recent years, there is no doubt that he will master this role just as quickly.

It makes sense that Lauer co-host Anne Curry would accordingly move from co-anchor to anchor chair after Lauer departs, but many say that the mundane reception she received beginning her current position after Meredith Vieira’s departure is a deterrence. If Seacrest beats Curry to the anchor chair seat, Savannah Guthrie’s progress through the ranks will consequently delay as well.  In addition, Guthrie’s role as a fill-in for Lauer or Curry is now threatened with Seacrest joining the cast.

Seacrest’s past experiences involve several gigs, including working as a host for ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge during his college years, a radio show called, “Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home,” which became the station’s No. 1 show in his 20s, and the pivotal career move that fired his success as the host of American Idol, which led to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On July 17, Seacrest was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program category. Seacrest is also the mastermind behind the Kardashian shows and spin-offs that stand among the top reality TV programs today.

Though Seacrest plans to continue serving as host of American Idol and carrying on with his work on E!, his transition into serious news demonstrates that he is in firm control of his career.  News holds the most stable careers in the media, unlike the other fields that eventually fade. The thirty-seven year-old Seacrest was smart to secure his place there. The popularity he’s already attained and his success mark that Ryan Secrest will become an even more powerful media figure, after his take off at NBC.