9 Other Things Scientists Should Invent Now That They've Taken Care Of Lightsabers


Physicists from MIT and Harvard have finally used the powers of science to create something the world has been clamoring for: a state of matter resembling lightsabers. The physicists were able to create the matter by coaxing photons into binding together and forming molecules. Unfortunately, these scientists are planning on using this discovery to aid in the advancement of quantum computing, which sounds way less exciting than lightsabers, but a valiant cause nonetheless.

I've got a laundry list of 10 pop culture icons here that these scientists should cover next:

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1. The Jetsons Flying Car

This is the 21st century, and Hanna-Barbera promised us flying cars were going to be a part of our future. George and Jane Jetson spent two-and-a-half decades zipping around in their flying car, taking Judy, Elroy, and Astro to the mall, store, and Spacely Sprockets.

Had I grown up in the sixties and seventies I'd be a little upset these don't already exist. We could be one flying car away from never having to sit in traffic. Isn't that a reason enough to get to work on these?

2. Bender Bending Rodriguez

I need a beer drinking robot and I needed one yesterday! Since being introduced to Bender in 1999 as part of the hit show Futurama, I knew I needed a robot to sit back and crack jokes with. Bender doesn't require a lot of space (he sleeps in a closet), and he always has something exciting going on, be it becoming a professional wrestler or building his own theme park with blackjack and hookers. Life would always be exciting.

3. The Neuralyzer From 'Men in Black'

Much like Will Smith in the first Men in Black, I want one of those flashy, brain-scrambling things. Had a tough day at work? Flash! Wake up refreshed and ready to go the next day. Just have a friend tell you that you had a great day yesterday, and all of the sudden the sky seems bluer. Let's go on this, MIT. (Shades and suit not included).

4. Transporter From 'Star Trek'

This whole walking and traveling places is overrated. What I really want to be able to do is stand on a spot and get where I'm going. Ever have to go to the post office and it closes in five minutes? Won't have that problem when this thing goes live. Another added feature of the transporter? There will never be another good reason as to why your pizza is late. Beam me an extra large with pepperoni Scotty!

5. Cloak Of Invisibility

If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series (and I assume you are because millennials), then you know the value of this thing. It was one of the most essential parts of Harry's fight against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and it could be an essential part of our lives too.

Ever feel awkward at a party where you didn't know anyone, and wish you could become invisible by putting something on like the kid from Big Daddy when he put on the shades? Problem solved. 

6. Super Soldier Serum From 'Captain America'

I emphasize with Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America. Like Rogers before the serum, a strong gust of wind may knock me off my feet, and now he's off punching Nazis and fighting intergalactic villains. The only concern for me about actually creating this serum is it would likely take forever to test for it in the major sports leagues.

7. Wall-E

Wall-E is a garbage-cleaning robot from his self-titled Pixar film. Wall-E is needed on Earth now, and not in the distant future. Now I know I listed Bender earlier, but Wall-E is a different breed of robot. Not only does he actually work hard, but if you've seen Wall-E, you know he's adorable. He's like a living Roomba.

I'd love to have one of these guys cleaning up my apartment, and not just because I'm a 23-year-old man living alone. Wall-E is the next step in robotic cleaning and we need him.

8. Flubber

Much like the rest of the American public, I'm sure you forgot out little green, gooey friends existed. Created by Robin Williams as Professor Philip Brainard, the substance can do just about anything, dance, help basketball players jump higher, and create mayhem like Macaulay Culkin in an empty house.

Flubber is practical and important to the advancement of our planet. So, lets see some results here!

9. Iron Man Suit

Come on. Do I really need to make a case for this one? How cool is Iron Man/Tony Starks? The Iron Man suit is Robocop on steroids. The Iron Man suit is the most dynamic crime fighting tool on the Marvel marketplace.

It's a top-notch information gathering system, communication device, it can fly, and it is its own personal army. The fact that our military hasn't come up with this yet is concerning. I want to be looking at one of these while Wall-E cleans Bender and my's apartment.