This Boston Man's Heroic Home Defense Should Silence Gun Control Advocates


Christopher Dennison learned real quick that you do not break into Richard Duffy's house. This is just another instance of a bad guy being stopped by a gun and a brave citizen.

Instead of lying back and letting a man in a ski mask and wearing brass knuckles rob them blind or assault them, Duffy acted. Following a brief altercation in the living room, Duffy shot and killed the intruder. Like National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre says, the only thing that stops a bad guy is "a good guy with a gun." Events like these continue to baffle anti-Second Amendment zealots. Americans should always have access to firearms for the protection they offer their families, property, and well-being.

The continued use of firearms as a primary means of self-defense has consistently not been given the press it deserves. Just last week during the Westgate Mall shooting in Kenya, a good guy with a gun saved over 100 lives. The ex-British Royal Marine returned to face gunfire a dozen times to protect innocent lives. Recently, in New York, where Governor Cuomo forced through the SAFE Act, a law that the vast majority of New York's counties seek to repeal, a student used an AR-15 to protect himself from a home invasion. The Duffy incident falls under Maine's "Castle Doctrine" as there was a threat of force and Dennison was trespassing on Duffy's land. 

The use of firearms for practical self-defense purposes does not get the media attention it deserves, as it does not fit the narrative the media portrays to the American people. Citizens should not be victimized as they wait for law enforcement to show up. When an American chooses to utilize their Second Amendment rights, they are making a decision to better protect their families and property from bad guys with the worst of intentions.

Who knows what Christopher Dennison had in his mind when he broke into the Duffy household? What we do know is Duffy had no intention of being a victim to a potentially savage beating and robbery. He made the decision to protect himself, his family, and property instead of waiting like a helpless victim. Cheers to you, Mr. Duffy.