Netanyahu UN Speech: LIVE-Stream Of Israeli Prime Minister's Address


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the United Nations in New York City on Tuesday. According to diplomats, Iran will play a central role in his address less than a week after President Obama telephoned new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. It was the first direct contact between a U.S. and Iranian president since 1979, when the Islamic Revolution ousted U.S.-backed Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. 

Although Rouhani is considered a moderate and has said that nuclear weapons "have no place in Iran's security and defense doctrine," Netanyahu has been largely skeptical about Iran's intentions. Since its nuclear program was first revealed 10 years ago, Iran has maintained that it is for peaceful purposes only, and that it is in compliance with the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, which allows it to pursue nuclear power for civilian, but not military use. 

Click below for UN live-stream.

Last year, Netanyahu gave one of the more memorable speeches at the UN, when he held up a drawing of a bomb representing Iran's nuclear program, on which he drew a red line. In that speech he said that drawing clear red lines could have prevented World War II and the Persian Gulf War. 

Last year he also chastised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for what he called a "libelous" speech against Israel.