College Student Confesses to Serial Rape On Facebook, Now He's Claiming It's a Funny Joke


Hey, guys, do you remember that really great rape joke that great, awesome comedian said that one time? No? Why? Because rape jokes are never ever, ever okay

One anonymous Boston College student is learning that out the hard way, causing absolutely no one (apart from your usual misogynistic jerks with their own latent rapist tendencies, obviously) to feel sorry for him. Posting on the Facebook page Boston College Confessions, one male student lamented how he had always had trouble connecting with his female peers, accusing them all of being Slutty Slut McSluts who were only ever after his friend. So naturally, when one of them stumbled drunkenly into his room one night, he raped her.

What comes next in his confession is frightening. He starts feeling empowered with getting away with his absolutely awful violation of another human being, and doesn't JUST wonder if he could do it again, he assaults another girl at another party. Under the premise of helping an intoxicated girl who wasn't feeling well, the poster seems to brush off his attack of this girl with an admission of having had too much himself, as some kind of sick justification for what he did. He admits his most recent assault was undoubtedly forced upon his victim. While he tries, unsuccessfully, to garner some kind of support or encouragement from his fellow classmates, he still feels inclined to keep his behavior up. 

While the student appears to have come forward to the police admitting his post was a "hoax," one can't help but have a hard time shaking off the immense detail that he used to describe a supposedly "fake" scenario. As an assault survivor myself, I know that there are words, images, and names that can instantly pull me back to my assault, and in my experience of being around people who either make rape jokes or apologize for people who make rape jokes, anyone who has discussed a hypothetical situation has never, not once gone into as much detail as this anonymous poster. 

With 1 in 4 college women having experienced assault before graduating, a posting like this on a forum which is frequented by female college students brings about an added sadistic, almost threatening air to this anonymous student. Fortunately for Boston College women, the Boston College police are investigating the student and on-campus events are being created to help create a safe environment where students can talk openly about assault.

While the situation is being investigated, it's important to understand that assault and rape are two very real scenarios for so many women and men in this country, with a sexual assault occuring every two minutes. A post like the one on BC Confessions is not only triggering, but perpetuating of a seriously prevalent rape-culture, where rapists can come to "apologize" and earn the pity of peers to justify his actions that other people have to live with the rest of their live.