Finally, Some Real Parenting Around Here

Texas father Jose Lagares was none too pleased when he learned his fourth grade son was bullying his classmates. So he made him hold up a pink sign at a busy intersection that read, "I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies."

Lagares described bullying as a form of public humiliation, and said that he wanted his son to understand what it felt like to be publicly humiliated. He cited Solomon Harris, a local student who had committed suicide because of bullying along with the Columbine shooting as reasons he came down hard on his son's bullying. 

I love this. This father punished his son in a manner fitting of the crime. In a time where it feels parents constantly find excuses for their children's inappropriate behavior, this father stood up and punished his child. I think our society could benefit from some more parenting and a little less excuse making. - KCEN HD - Waco, Temple, and Killeen

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