Watch These Cops Beat Connor Castellani Until He Needs More Than 200 Stitches


Connor Castellani went from thrown-out underage gambler to victim of a violent beating by the hands of Atlantic City law enforcement. The footage is horrifying.

Following his removal from the Tropicana Casino by police officers, Castellani, 20, was asked to empty his pockets and leave the resort. He complied and walked across the street. Castellani yelled at police from a distance for a few minutes and then was bumrushed by four officers who quickly subdued the young man, and took him to the ground. For the next 45 seconds he is beaten with batons and struck with knees. Then another officer arrives and continues to beat on Castellani. As five officers now have the young man on his stomach with one hand nearly behind his back, a K-9 officer arrivals and sets his dog on Castellani. The dog bites the back of his neck and head. These wounds required 200 stitches to close.

The K-9 officer involved, Sterling Wheaton, has had 15 complaints of excessive force or assault filed against him during his career. All have resulted in his total exoneration; another five that are pending. The Castellani family is suing the Atlantic City Police Department as well as Atlantic City. They want the charges dropped against their son, monetary damages, and the officers disciplined as well as prohibited from serving as law enforcement.

As of now, Chief Ernest Jubilee is standing behind his officers while the internal investigation is on going. Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford has asked acting New Jersey State Attorney General John Jay Hoffman to oversee the internal investigation.