Adrian Peterson's 2-Year-Old Dies and All Twitter Cares About Are Their Fantasy Teams

Reigning NFL MVP Adrian Peterson's two year-old son has died from the injuries he sustained allegedly at the hands of a caregiver.

The incident occurred on Thursday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and took Peterson away from the team when his son was left in critical condition following the beating. Joseph Robert Patterson, the boyfriend of Peterson's mother, was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated assault on an infant in Lincoln County. Patterson has a history of domestic violence disputes. The incident was originally called in as an accidental choking, but upon arriving at the scene it became apparent to Sioux Falls Police Department that the injuries were not accidental. 

Patterson will be in court today for a probable cause hearing where bail is likely to be discussed as well. 

While Peterson and his family dealt with a very disturbing tragedy, humanity took a backseat to those worried about their fantasy football teams. 

A quick Twitter search will almost always showcase the lowest forms of discussion, and this has been no exception. It's important to remember that a two year-old has died from serious injuries, allegedly at the hands of an adult. Some things transcend football, and this is one of them.