While Our Government Was Shut Down, Russia Was Busy Retrieving This Massive Space Rock


Here in the United States our press has been preoccupied with a government shutdown and finding the relatively few people who have successfully navigated the healthcare exchange websites. So of course, something cooler is happening in Russia.

Russian divers just pulled up a half-year-old meteorite that just happened to be one of the top 10 largest meteorite fragments in history. While Americans were discussing the intricacies of Senate floor debates, they were rigging levers and ropes. The meteor originally broke apart over Central Russia in mid-February, causing over 1,000 injuries and blowing open a 6-meter wide hole in frozen Lake Chebarkul.

Of course this would happen in Russia while we're being boring. this is the most Russia thing that could have happened this week. Vladimir Putin might as well have speared a Yeti in the face while fighting over a polar bear carcass.

This meteor was so big it literally broke the scale they brought out to weigh it. What did we do the past two weeks? We literally shut NASA down. Shut it down like it sold raw chicken on Bar Rescue. They couldn't even tweet! Twitter is free!

Putin just keeps dominating us at every turn. Here we are trying to pay bills and Putin finds the world's largest asteroid in his backyard. Completely unfair.