22-Year-Old Gets Caught in a Senior Citizen Love Triangle

Have you heard a joke and then imagined what it would look like in your head? Well, this is one of those incidents.

On the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Larry the Cable Guy once said, "I believe that guns don't kill people, husbands that come home early do." Well in this case, that almost happened. When an elderly man from Saddlebrook, Ariz. awoke from a nap and couldn't find his 63-year-old wife, he searched and found her in bed with 22-year-old Trevor Chapman. 

The man poked Chapman with his cane to wake him up. After waking up, Chapman became verbally abusive and refused to leave the residence. So, the elderly man took a shot at him with his .410 gun. He missed and hit the wall behind Chapman.

There have been no charges placed against the old man, but Chapman has been charged with disorderly conduct and is currently in the Pinal County Jail. There has been no word on divorce proceedings, but this cougar isn't going to be back on the prowl at the local college bars any time soon. And it will be a long time before Chapman hops into bed with someone's grandmother.

Remember, adulterers: That foxy grandmother nursing a metamucil White Russian might just be luring you back to an untimely death. Or at least violent cane poking.