Here's the Figure-Skating 'Breaking Bad' Tribute You Didn't Know Was Missing From Your Life

A scene from the 'Breaking Bad' TV show

The creative genius behind this video re-enacting key moments of Breaking Bad (on ice) was Sharidan Williams-Sotelo (@blogstradamus), an assistant editor on the show who, according to her Twitter profile, is very adept as an 'author-skater-dancer'. It shows in this video.

Superfans of Breaking Bad will enjoy this video that pays homage to the show and its devoted fans. Legendary Olympian skater, Tai Babilonia and Richard Dwyer make guest appearances. Having never watched the show, I can still tell that the video does an excellent job of capturing memorable scenes. Being the chemistry freak that I am, I particularly enjoyed the bit on ionic bonds and the periodic table, but what was up with the pizza boxes? 


More than tracing the story of a man turning to the dark side, I want to know how we got from this:

to this: