Heidi Klum's Bold Halloween Costume Sends Powerful Message About What it Means to be Beautiful

Heidi Klum's bold Halloween costume

Heidi Klum is on top of the world right now. Besides being a supermodel, mom, and judge on the successful reality show, America's Got Talent. Heidi's annual Halloween bash is legendary. This year was no different.

In an incredible transformation (assisted by makeup artists and prosthetic aids), Heidi took on the image of an aged 60-year-old woman. According to her Twitter account (@heidiklum), this costume allowed her to have a look "into the future."

Her costume can be interpreted in several ways:

1) The oft-ignored fact that youth and all that it entails can't be preserved forever. The practice of relying on shortcuts to delay the aging process is foolish: Botox, peels, and, yes, the $1,000 "vampire facials" (are you listening, Kim Kardashian?), won't be able to turn back the aging process.

2) The intense pressure to be beautiful and sexy 364 days of the year can be maddening. The deliberate decision to incorporate a very unconventional costume (as opposed to say, the sexy nurse uniform for females) can be a way for people to "stretch" the confines of suitable role models in society. Why else would so many average folks willingly dress up as bloody victims of accidents and plane-crashes, ghosts, serial killers, and the like? Costumes like these worn any other day would probably result in a mandatory "mental break" from work.

Courtesy Halloweencostumes.com.

Regardless of interpretation, I commend Heidi Klum for her choice of costume.