DST 2013: 5 Weird Facts About Daylight Savings Time


With Americans wistfully thinking about the extra hour of sleep they're going to get when they turn their clocks back one hour this weekend, many of them actually know very little about why we do it. 

1. The time change was formally implemented during WWI


Daylight Savings Time was formally implemented during World War I in a coordinated effort to minimize coal consumption. The implementation was repealed during the peace time in between World War I and World War II. The policy was adopted again during the second war effort. 

2. Arizona and Hawaii don't recognize DST


Some people just continually get off easy in life. When it comes to DST those people are the residents of Arizona and Hawaii. Since Arizona and Hawaii don't recognize or celebrate the time change, they never have to update their microwaves, stoves, or alarm clocks. For people like me, my stove will read the correct time for the first time since Spring. 

3. Almost 30% of Americans have admitted it makes them late or early

A long and technologically dark time ago, people had to prepare for the time change by hand. Having to reset clocks, most importantly, alarm clocks. If you forgot to, you suffered the shame of being "that guy" who shows up an hour late or early following the time change. What percentage of Americans has fallen victim to time's cruel hand? Rasmussen Reports says 27% of us have admitted to it. 

4. You're less likely to have a heart attack the week after DST

Want to feel like you're getting healthier without actually doing anything? Well I've got some great news for you. According to The American Journal of Cardiology there is a spike in heart attack activity the Monday after we "Spring Forward." When it comes to this week when we gain an hour of sleep, we see a decrease in heart attacks. Just like that you can blow off your trip to the gym guilt-free.

5. Your internal clock is less accurate than actual clocks (but you probably already knew that)

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry put Kramer in charge of waking them both up to get their friend to the New York City Marathon on time? Well, after bragging about his internal clock earlier in the episode, Kramer "hits the snooze button" a few times and they almost end up missing the start of the race. Considering the timing of the race, Kramer could have blamed DST, which throws off our body's circadian rhythm. The molecular structures that dictate when we're tired or hungry.