Who's On the Ballot in Virginia? Every Candidate's Odds Of Winning


Virginia Republicans are in big trouble: Voters are picking between candidates for three state-wide offices today, and it looks like Democrats could pull off a clean sweep. If all the races go blue, it would be the first time Democrats controlled the top three state-wide positions and both Senate seats in the Old Dominion since 1969.

Ken Cuccinelli (Huffington Post)

In the race for governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is facing off against sitting Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. McAuliffe is a Democratic star who served as chair of the DNC from 2001-2005, but he's never run a successful campaign for office. This could be his chance, if Cuccinelli's conservative social values turn off Virginia millennials.

E.W. Jackson (Politico)

Virginia's race for lieutenant governor is going to be a landslide. Republican candidate E.W. Jackson has dug himself into a hole with a slew of controversial comments (everyone knows meditation leads to devil worship, right?), clearing the way for Democrat Ralph Northan to coast to victory.

Mark Obenshain (Huffington Post)

Attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain is Republicans' best chance to avoid an across-the-board loss. Heading into Election Day, the race between Obenshain and Democrat Mark Herring is a dead heat.

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