NYC Elections 2013: These Awesome #VoterSelfies Will Inspire You to Head to the Polls


New Yorkers have a chance today to vote a new mayor into office for the first time since 2002, but many citizens have been choosing not to cast a vote in the historic election. Election officials say voter turnout has been low at many of the city's 1,200 voting locations, and spokespeople for the mayoral candidates have described participation as "low" and "not high."

This scene from Brooklyn's P.S. 33 polling location just about sums up the day's slow trickle of voters:

New York Times

Fortunately, New Yorkers who did hit the polls showcased their democratic zeal by uploading pictures of their voting experience to the internet. By mid-morning, #VoterSeflie was trending on Twitter.

Everyone from famous radio hosts... smiling couples got in on the action.


And New York's younger citizens didn't let their age keep them away from the polls,

nor did New Yorkers who have been voting for years.

But the selfie of the day came from one excited New York voter who snapped a shot with Bill de Blasio, the candidate who is poised to become New York's first Democratic mayor in 20 years.

Turnout is typically lower in local elections than the national contests that give Americans a chance to vote for the leader of the free world, but you shouldn't let that keep you away from the polls today. Take a cue from these proud New Yorkers and exercise your right to vote. And don't forget to share a #VoterSelfie with the world when you're done!

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