Sarah Silverman's Hilariously Awkward 'Jimmy Kimmel' Interview is the Perfect Ex-Girlfriend Revenge


For many, maintaining a friendly, mature, and professional relationship with one's ex is extremely difficult.

The awkwardness of rekindling a different type of relationship, post-breakup, is magnified for celebrities. Case in point: Sarah Silverman's recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, whom she dated for seven years, was guaranteed to be an awkward event. This was her first post-breakup appearance on his show. She came on to promote her debut HBO show, We Are Miracles (out November 23). Video of the interview can be seen here

She entered the show, dressed to impress, carrying a box of Jimmy's personal items. I'm not familiar with her usual style of dress, but four-inch killer heels and a low-cut black dress seems intended to provoke "seller's remorse" on Kimmel's part. We've all been there. Showing our ex-significant others that our lives are just as good — if not better — without them. 

Both have obviously moved on, and her joke that, "It's like I never left, only you're married" was a high point of the night.

Silverman did a great job of lampooning some of the more desperate breakup behavior. Still, her appearance couldn't live up to some of the couple's best moments from when they were together. Especially Silverman's classic song about Matt Damon.