Jon Stewart Perfectly Sums Up the Biggest News Of the Day. Again.

Not entirely sure what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s use of the “nuclear option” in the Senate yesterday meant? Wonder why everyone was making such a big deal about it?

As always, let Jon Stewart explain.

You see, the “nuclear option” just means the Senate can start doing its job again. As Stewart puts it, Reid’s move yesterday “will allow majority rules to incrementally increase governmental efficiency.” That doesn’t sound so drastic, does it? Why compare it to an atomic bomb?

Because the Republican minority in the Senate has been acting like, well, “obstructionist assholes.” Sorry, “Turtle Man” – I mean, Mitch McConnell – your days of “making a mockery of our system of government” have come to an end.

Watch the clip above to see Stewart break down McConnell’s B.S. and dish some out to the mainstream media while he’s at it, in usual fantastic Jon Stewart fashion.