Watch Seth Rogen and James Franco Hilariously Recreate Kanye's New Music Video

Seth Rogen and James Franco hugging in the Kanye West's "Bound 2" music video recreation

Kanye West is a notoriously easy target for parody. But with his latest video Bound 2, it seemed like he'd pulled one over on critics and comedians everywhere. How can you parody something that's already that ridiculous? 

Opening with a disjointed montage of landscapes and colors only found on an acid trip, the original video looks like what happens if you clipboard all the searches for 'earth porn'

Just as you're getting used to Bound 2's soaring eagles and wild mustangs, Kanye's magnificent tribute to the beauty of nature shatters. A siren call of, "A-ha honey" bursts from the speakers, as Kanye digs out a toy keyboard from the 90's and gets a little too excited by the vocal effects button. 

He then treats viewers to "natural beauty" of a different kind with the image of Kim Kardashian stretching her silhouetted self across the back of a motorbike, looking for all the world like she's fallen straight off a trucker's mud flap. To save your time, eyes, and ears (in case you hadn't already seen where this is going) the video then descends into an extended Kim/Kanye make out session. Thanks for sharing Kanye.

So how in the world do you parody something that's already, well, a farce?

Replacing Kim K's svelte silhouette with the somewhat more substantial form of Seth Rogen seems like a good place to start. Add in James Franco in the role of Mr. West, and all the ingredients are in place for the most touching biker bromance since Donald Faison and Zach Braff climbed on to a California Highway Patrol motorcycle together.