Watch the Most Hilarious News Bloopers of 2013


Being a news anchor may seem simple at first glance. Who wouldn’t want to saunter into work, be coiffed and made up by professional stylists, and sit comfortably while reading the news off of a teleprompter? However, television reporting has some harsh realities. From waking up at 3:30 a.m. (or earlier) to collect and convey the morning’s headlines, to braving blustering storms, to coping with the vagaries of on-the-spot reporting, to feeding a 24-hour news cycle, newscasters have it tough.

Which is why we present this supercut of 2013’s best news bloopers, courtesy of YouTube user NewsBeFunny, with utmost respect for the individuals involved.

After all, you never realize just how many things look like a penis (sorry, “North American skin flute”) until you see them on camera.

Newscasters: we salute you, even as we sit here cursing under our breath and making Freudian slips in the comfort of our office. You’ve survived groping baboons, humping bystanders, phallic traffic patterns, profanity, tongue twisters, confusing cues, exploding set lights, hiccups, and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and done so with poise. We look forward to another year of your hard work, and occasionally, your hilarious mistakes.