Watch This Woman Get a Complete Photoshop Makeover in 3-Minutes Flat


Left-leaning media publications have been utilizing the transformative effects of photoshopping to get clicks lately (looking at you, Jezebel). But scandals about $10,000 offerings for un-retouched photos of celebrities aside, there are real repercussions to the media's consistent use of photoshop, as they alter our perception of what "real" people look like. 

To drive home this point that digitally-enhanced images are nowhere near accurate representations of real people, Hungarian artist Boggie has created a mesmerizing music video that details a photoshop session on her face. In it, her neck is thinned, skin lightened, hair thickened and styled, one eye completely replaced, makeup added, eye color enhanced, teeth whitened and all of her blemishes are removed — leaving her nearly unrecognizable.

The video makes it clear that the only thing you really need to take a beautiful portrait is to simply have a human being in it. Does it matter who that human is? Not really — because you can change everything about him or her. 

Suddenly, the photoshopped world looks like a real-life version of The Sims, in which you can create, destroy and manipulate the beauty of characters according to subjective standards of beauty.

Unfortunately, this is no simulated game. This is real life. This is what publications do everyday.