This Photo Shows Just How Big Of a Step Tunisia Has Taken Towards Democracy

Three years after mass protests toppled the regime of repressive dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisia has approved a new constitution, taking a historic step towards achieving full democracy.

Members of the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly erupted in celebration after the official signing of the charter, which is considered one of the most progressive in the Arab world. It names Islam the state religion, but secures freedom of religion and women's rights. It's been a difficult getting to this point: the drafting process took two years, and meant compromises for both the secular opposition and the Islamist Ennahda party. 

This photo embodies how monumental this new consitution is is for Tunisia. Have you ever seen members of Congress hug like that? 

An election date has yet to be determined, but with a secure foundation for a new democracy, there is hope for the nation's future.