Joe Namath's Super Bowl Coat Just Stopped the World


Joe Namath balls out in a knock-off Cruella de Vil fur coat, and the first viral moment of the Super Bowl is born. 

The Hall-of-Famer and former Jets quarterback sported a waist-length mink (it's 50 degrees btw) for the coin toss, and the internet exploded. 

This is not the first time Joe Namath has rocked intense fur on the field. Check out this photo from 1969: 

E-voices are calling the coat Macklemore-inspired ("I wear your grandad's clothes/I look incredible") and a Kramer repeat:

The coat brings to mind another special item of clothing that blew up the internet a week ago tonight: Pharrell's Grammys hat

Naturally, the coat already has a strong Twitter presence including famous people tweeting about it: 

Plus its requisite very own Twitter feed: 

Long live this important coat.