Teens Are on LinkedIn and Freaking About Their Careers


Many teens today are expected to figure out what they want to do before they're even legally permitted to drive.

In a recently-released study by Millennial Branding and Internships.com, 91% of high school students said they are currently working an internship or a part-time job, networking and/or volunteering to gain professional experience. Out of the participants in the study, 42% reported that getting started early is necessary because of the poor state of the economy.

Many already have LinkedIn accounts since the professional networking site lowered its minimum user age to 14 in conjunction with the launch of its University Pages last September.

In a JWT study focused on Gen Z, 58% of young people aged 13 to 17 reported that they were "very or somewhat worried" about the future­, 79% worried specifically about employment when they graduate, 74% about how they are doing in school and 62% about what college or university they will get into.

While getting a head start can definitely give you a leg up, starting too early may lead to high stress levels and, eventually, depression.

The bottom line is that adolescents are still developing emotionally and cognitively. If we really expect our next generation to mature into adulthood faster because of technology, we have to make sure they're healthy once they reach adulthood. What does this mean? This means that preparation is never a bad thing, but it's most important to remember that kids are just kids.

Now for a clip to brighten your read, watch below as Modern Family's Alex breaks down from pressures of Advanced Placement exams and admissions tests on her 16th birthday.