New York's Best Coffee Shops in One Awesome Subway Map


Coffee is a big deal. It's a $30 billion dollar industry, and, given our mass dependency, probably responsible for a significant portion of the GDP. Americans drink an estimated 400 millions cup per day. There are a lot of fun statistics that prove that we, as a society, love our coffee. And New Yorkers especially love their coffee. They need it all the time, they need it quick. They probably need it right now.

Luckily for New York addicts, this map popped up on Imgur last night to show what the best and closest coffee shop is to each subway stop. It is epic and more than a little concerning in its obsessive detail.

Image Credit: imgur

It's almost intimidating. One can look at this map and safely assume they haven't even tried their favorite coffee yet. The West Coast has had a long-established reputation for having a strong coffee culture. "West Coast roasters have largely defined and refined how Americans drink and think about their morning cup of joe. They have turned a morning ritual into an obsession," reads a synopsis of Hanna Neuschwander's Left Coast Roast. Apparently, this person has not yet seen this obsessive map.

While this map isn't necessarily proof that the East Coast is rivaling West Coast roasters (there is a Starbucks on the map after all, and really? Dunkin Donuts?), it does prove that this is a shared obsession at least.

So for those of you still searching for the perfect cup, may this help you on your journey. Just remember, there is such a thing as a caffeine overdose.