$100,000 Says That This is the Most Over-The-Top Valentine's Dinner Ever

A live harpist? Check. A dozen white doves? Check. Fifty rose-scented candles? Check. A Michelin-starred chef, a table covered in rose petals and a live poet? Check, check, check.

Such are the ingredients to the "most romantic Valentine's day dinner ever," offered by luxury retail site Very First To, a purveyor of typical high-class items like Alexander McQueen cuff-links and whatever the "Monsieur Bartender" is.

This Valentine's Day, for just 61,000 British pounds (about $99,478.80), you can wine and dine your loved one with this "aphrodisiac-infused culinary experience" — an eight-course meal prepared by British chef Adam Simmonds in your home, complete with a live harpist, poet and white doves — the whole laundry list of romantic clichés.

"Each dish has been created with romance in mind and to allow the spectacular ingredients to work their magic, in both creating delicious food and the perfect mood for romance," said Simmonds.

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

The entire menu is provided along with a list of key ingredient prices from Wagyu beef (200 pounds) to spring white truffle (1,000 pounds) to South Sea pearls (6,000 pounds) to adorn your Native Oysters dish. 

And finally, with every meal purchased, 1,000 pounds will be donated to The Prince's Trust, a youth charity. Opulence and charity, a winning combination.

Wine and Whitman's? Peasant food.