An Artist Turned These Violent Movie Scenes Into Gorgeous Ottoman Paintings


As a young art student, Turkish illustrator Murat Palta was fascinated by the intersection of “traditional ‘oriental’ (Ottoman) motifs and contemporary ‘western’ cinema.” So he decided to combine them. The result is an incredible series of images that takes iconic movie scenes and renders them as traditional Ottoman paintings.

Check it out:

A Clockwork Orange:




Kill Bill:

Pulp Fiction:


Terminator 2: Judgment Day:

The Godfather:

The Shining:

Star Wars:

Image credit: Murat Palta

And he’s funny, too. Palta humorously replaces modern contraptions with more time-appropriate technologies. He reimagines Tony Montana’s climactic machine gun rampage from Scarface using what look like antique muskets. In the Terminator 2: Judgment Day illustration, he substitutes Schwarzenegger’s motorcycle and the T-1000’s truck with a horse and carriage, respectively. And in some cases, the results are so seamless that it’s hard to imagine they were rendered recently: The Godfather panel looks like a scene directly from the 16th century.

Respect. Palta’s work has been showcased in Juxtapoz, and has been circulating online over the past few days. Considering the unique vision that produced these images, it’s nice to see a talented illustrator getting the recognition he deserves.