3 Satellite Images Show Exactly What Is Happening Between Ukraine and Russia Right Now


While there have been many reports trickling out of the Crimean peninsula, it's been hard to get a complete picture of the conflict in the region. With conflicting reports from Russian news organizations and Ukrainian sources on the ground, it can be difficult to figure out what really is going on.

If you want to get a big-picture perspective of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Washington Post has some great, informative satellite images that capture Russia's military intervention. Russian operations are taking place both at sea and on land, and these images help us understand the depth and scope of the takeover.

The map below indicates the location of the satellite photos:

Image credit: The Washington Post

This first image shows Russia's naval blockade in Sevastopol Harbor, which has effectively trapped Ukrainians ships at the base. Russian forces also sank a decomissioned submarine in the harbor to create an obstacle for Ukrainian vessels.

Image credit: The Washington Post

The second image illustrates the occupation of the Belbek Airbase. For about a week, the base has been beseiged by Russian troops, who fired warning shots when Ukrainian officers attempted to regain control. Although the base is still under siege, a few Ukrainian men have been allowed to post at their regular poisitions.

Image credit: The Washington Post

This last image captures the seizure of the Kerch crossing between Ukraine and Russia. Reports indicate that Russian troops blocked off both sides of the strait and commandeered an industrial ferry that regularly sails between — allowing Russian forces to transport heavy supplies.

Image credit: The Washington Post