iPhone 5 Will Be Tiny, New iPad Will Be 'Game Changing' and Other Apple Rumors


Apple, the tech industry's key innovator and the world's sleeping giant is slowly waking from its deep slumber. Want to know what it has been cooking up in the secret halls of 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino? Wait no more, here is your scoop on the latest and greatest rumors, and what to expect from the biggest player in the tech industry.

5. The Next iPad

With the new iPad out the window, attention focuses on the next iPad. Apple has clearly adopted Intel's "tick tock" development cycle, meaning with every tick cycle, the product is tuned and tweaked, as with the new iPad, whilst their veteran engineers focus on a completely new device for their tock cycle. While rumors about the next iPad are scarce, PolicyMic's trusted sources inside Apple have described it as "completely game changing and nothing comes close." Take what you will from that quote, we can't say more.

4. Retina Display Macbooks and iMacs

Apple on the other hand would tell you otherwise, as rumors are abound that they are hitting markets sometime this summer with absolutely mind-boggling resolutions like 3840 x 2400, that's 4 times larger than your HDTV. To cut costs, Apple is rumored to be removing the seldom used DVD-ROM and replacing their aging Harddisks with the more modern SSD. Expect these insanely fast super computers to be out during Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference starting June 11th

3. iPhone 5

While Android phones reiterate year after year with the same designs and incremental hardware changes, Apple isn't standing by and allowing the competition to crawl its way to the top. The new iPhone is incorporating on-screen touch, meaning they have been able to cut the thickness by about 30%. The iPhone 5 is expected to be no thicker than the steel bands you see on your iPhone 4 whilst having a 4-inch screen or larger. Other rumors such as edge to edge screen (no white bezel) and aluminum unibody enclosure have propped up here and there. Expect this phone to be out sometime in late fall, as Apple ramps up production during the summer.


The annual Apple Developers Conference is usually aimed at more technically minded folks. However, with the lack of any product announcements this year since the New iPad, many are keeping their eyes peeled. Time to set that alarm clock, keynote is at 9:00 a.m. PST on June 11th.

1. Apple TV

The million dollar question everyone has been asking since Steven P. Jobs said in his biography that he's "cracked the television". The scuttlebut is that it will have a Retina Display, making it the first 4K HDTV (4000x2000 resolution, twice that of Blu-ray), that it will be completely voice operated through Siri, and on demand television shows through iTunes with an extremely sexy design influenced by high end German design companies. In any case, I wouldn't hold my breath for this absolutely game changing device, as the relatively fresh Tim Cook still has yet to make any large moves into any new markets.

In anything, now is the time to load yourself with some Apple stock, and reward yourself with some new gadgets when it hits the $1,000 mark sometime in 2013.