9 Islands You Can Own for Less Than the Cost of College


Want to have your own island? It might be cheaper than you think. 

For less than the cost of owning a New York City apartment or going to university, you could have no less than a whole private island all to yourself. The odd economy of private island-grabbing is as surprisingly accessible as it is exclusive.

There are islands around the world up for sale, and if you do manage buy up one of these secluded corners of paradise, you'll be in the company of wealthy celebrities like Mel Gibson, Tyler Perry, and Celine Dion.

Here are 9 islands up for sale that might cost less than you'd expect: 

1. Hemlow Island


For sale at just $29,500, this island, located in Liscomb Harbour, Nova Scotia, features beautiful views and an excellent area for boating. 

2. Chandler Island


Nestled in Wohoa Bay, Maine, this island is just a few hours from Boston (by boat, of course). 

This one will cost you $39,999.

3. Big Tusket Island Parcel


This piece of Acadian heaven can be yours for around $63,000. It is 37 acres of "endless possibilities." 

4. Kastawei Island


This beautiful island is surrounded by coral reef, making it perfect for scuba diving and exploring. It costs just under $200,000 and is located near Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. 

5. Mavuva Island


This small island, located within Fiji's Great Sea Reef, is being developed into a unique island community. Own a chunk of it for just $75,000.

6. Cayo Costa Island Parcel


For purchasers looking for something closer to home, own a 1.1-acre plot of this gorgeous Florida island for $99,000

7. Spuhn Island


Off the coast of Alaska is this amazing island for sale. Spuhn Island will soon have 38 spectacular waterfront lots available, starting at $169,000

8. Mannions Island

Mannions Island

Mannions Island is located not far from the Irish mainland. Currently there are no houses or structures on the land. This four acre island will cost you $185,722. 

9. Ilha Caetano


This Brazilian island of 16 acres comes with a house. Own it for just over $79,500.