15 Breathtaking Beaches That Will Make You Want to Go to Australia Immediately

Australia consistently ranks high on the list of the world's happiest countries, which may or may not be related to the fact that the country has over 10,000 surfable beaches. Yes 10,000. Some have been deemed the world's best getaway spots. Visiting these beautiful coastal gems have inspired many environmental groups in Australia in their efforts to preserve the untouched land.

If you have 27 years to spare, you could visit each one. But if that's not up your alley, we've cut it down for you. Check out these beautiful 15 beaches that will make you want to want to book a flight to Australia immediately:

1. William Town Beach

Via: Ares Nguyen

2. Fraser Island Beach

Via: Wikimedia

3. Whitehaven Beach

Via: Wikimedia

4. Hyams Beach

Via: Jonas Smith

5. Aldinga Beach

Via: Stephen Barber

6. Smalley's Beach

Via: Tatiania, Flickr

7. Bondi Beach

Via: Hai Linh Truong

8. Cape Tribulation Beach

Via: Angelo Failla

9. Shelley Beach

Via: Steve Lacey

10. Woolami Beach

Via: Steve Lacy

11. Long Reef Beach

Via: Sinead Friel

12. Norah Head Beach

Via: Richard Taylor

13. Merewether Beach

Via: Duncan Rawlson

14. St. Kilda Beach

Via: James Jardine

15. Byron Beach

Via: Shadow-or-Light, Flickr