An Artist Took Disney Characters and Put Them Into Real Life Situations


Disney movies hold a special place in many of our hearts.

They've lifted our spirits when we were down, occupied our time when we were bored and taught us valuable lessons like "makeovers fix everything" and you should always "change for your man."

But besides all the stereotypes and talking animals, their hearts were usually in the right place. In the end, they just wanted kids to believe in magic, true love and the concept that people can spontaneously burst into flawlessly harmonized song at any given moment.

Imgur user grumpypunkcat wants to change all that. In a new series called "Disney Unhappily Ever After," the artist has reimagined your favorite animated classics and transformed them into realist horror stories.

Some hit pretty close to home. For starters, here's Ariel from The Little Mermaid dragging herself out of an oil spill (probably BP):

Here's Cinderella in a dark alleyway with her clothes torn:

Dumbo isn't so happy these days:

Neither is Mulan, but who could blame her? Beijing smog ain't nothin' to fuck with:

On the other hand, Alice from Alice in Wonderland seems pretty excited about her latest score:

While Tiana and her mom from The Princess and the Frog are keeping spirits high at this "Colored Only" bus stop:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame's Esmeralda is hiding from something — probably the Department of Fish and Wildlife, judging by the pipe-smoking mammal on her head:

And to wrap it up, here's Pocahontas and Kokuum at their newly opened casino:

All Image Credit: grumpypunkcat

If you aren't too traumatized to keep reading, consider there's a long and storied tradition of this type of artistic intervention. Pixar artist Josh Cooley recently fused kid-friendly aesthetics with adult subject matter when he depicted R-rated movie scenes in the form of a children's book:

Image Credit: Josh Cooley

The contrast is alternately startling and hilarious. And it'll be hard to look at any of these films the same way again.