Romney Deserves Credit For the Jobs Obama Created


Everyone should be raving about Mitt Romney's greatest achievement as Massachusetts Governor: Romneycare. Today, 98% of all people in Massachusetts have private insurance under Romneycare. What an accomplishment, the highest coverage rate in America. Two-thirds of citizens love Romneycare even though individuals are mandated to buy insurance. People love it! 

Romney passed Romneycare, travelled nationally promoting the individual mandate on the news, his team wrote the Affordable Care Act, and Romney deserves credit for spurring the job creation demand of the bill.

This past week the jobs report was dismal. However, the numbers show something extraordinary. Of the 69,000 jobs added nationally, 33,000 new jobs were in health care. Read the jobs report here.  

Obama's health care reform made this the brightest jobs sector, and because Romney's team wrote Obama's law, Romney deserves heaps of credit for creating these jobs.

Imagine how many more jobs will be created as demand swells further. Already Obama's Affordable Care Act has 3,500,000 million more young people covered. Soon, 40 million more Americans will have coverage, and demand in the health care sector will explode  (Add to that swelling numbers of retiring seniors). As a result Romney's approach to health care may create an explosion of new jobs.

Romney's courage is praiseworthy while he popularized the individual mandate nationally.

1) Watch as Romney boldly challenged opponents as he worked tirelesly to popularize the individual mandate nationally as "The Republican free market solution to the Democrats free rider problem."

2) Romney was very careful to explain motivating factors for the individual mandate as he worked to make mandates more popular, which set the stage for Obama's Affordable Care Act passing. Romney should be praised for his clarity:

3) The Romneycare team celebrates the Romneycare Anniversary and The Affordable Care Act they wrote. Romney deserves praise for choosing such an adept team that Obama would cross party lines to copy a Republican plan. 

In a risky move that should label Obama a great leader; Obama copied the most successful parts of Romneycare and took them national. Maybe Obama felt that if he brought Congress a Republican plan this would be a law Republican leaders could stomach.  

Modeling the Affordable Care Act off a Republican health care plan was the best way to gain Republican buy-in. States are supposed to be the laboratories of democracy, but as Romney's team helped Obama nationalize Romneycare's best parts — including the individual mandate — Romney should get credit for helping create jobs by spurring health care demand. 

4) Romney's innovation should be praised as his competition creating health insurance exchanges were taken nationally by Obama.  

Obama wanted a single payer government run health care plan, but knew it wouldn't pass. Romneycare provided the only model that prevented a complete government take-over of health care. Health exchanges were Romney's innovation, which he praises Obama for copying in the video below.  

Health insurance exchanges, which drive up private insurance competition in the Affordable Care Act allow you to compare private health insurance plans like you compare TV's on, or flights on Travelocity ... so you can find the cheapest one. Insurance companies then lower prices to compete for the more savvy free market consumers.

You can use the health insurance exchange to compare prices and find a private plan through the Affordable Care Act's website on this page. Romney deserves a lot of credit for what you find on Watch Romney praise Obama copying the exchanges.

Romney created Romneycare, primed leaders in America to support the individual mandate by clearly explaining why it is necessary, did so with a team so great that Obama crossed the aisle to hire a Republican's team to write the Affordable Care Act ... Romney created the health insurance exchanges that Obama used to prevent a government takeover of health care, and now that health care reform is creating jobs ... I think Romney deserves some credit!  

Is this the nationalization of Romneycare?