How Will Ferrell Can Fix American Politics This Summer


Whether you are well-versed in the issue of ideological extremism that currently controls the dynamics of our political culture or not, you can typically acknowledge the clear defining line between “right” and “left,” “conservative” or “liberal,” and even “Democrat” or “Republican” leaning Hollywood films. Is it possible for American filmmakers to produce a political satire without alluding to a particular set of ideological beliefs or reference to a political party? 

Adam Mckay, producer of The Campaign, is attempting to do this and more by producing a film about “the nastiest Congressional race ever,” which will equally offend both polarized ends of our ideological spectrum. People of all political persuasions will find this movie humorous. 

By taking a stance against Congress, Mckay has the opportunity to produce a film that not only entertains, but may also introduce a bi-partisan sentiment to pop-culture. Film advertisers created a series of mock “campaign ads” about both main characters (played by Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis) in pursuit of the Congressional seat. Both ads are comparable to the negative campaign ads that we have already begun to see during this general election year. (As a matter of fact, I literally just glanced over at my T.V. and read the headlines, “Romney Attacks President’s Job Plan” and “Are Voters Tired of Negative Ads?”). 

Perhaps ridiculing these types of campaign efforts through a blockbuster film will show America that this “nasty game of politics” that we frequently see from election to election needs to be changed.  This film could not have come at a better time. By depicting our political culture through pop culture, the average citizen will be able to relate in new ways to those who are calling for reform and true bipartisan efforts. Perhaps this movie can make a small step in bringing us closer to mend our broken ideological ties, unite the political arena, and ultimately “Make Congress Work.”