Brooke Renney

I am currently a student at the Florida State University, expecting to graduate Spring 2013 with Dual BA degrees in Political Science and International Affairs with a Minor in Economics and a concentration in Geography. I am actively involved with No Labels, a national political organization meant to discourage hyper-partisanship and gridlock in congress. No Labels is my "political home" and reflects my interest in studying the dynamics of party politics and resolution of ideological extremism. I am the founding, inaugural president of No Labels at the Florida State University. By bringing No Labels to Florida State, I hope to mobilize students and the surrounding community to spread the movement and further the goals and objectives of the national No Labels organization through community service, social events, and recruitment efforts; not only for the benefit of the organization, but to serve the community and offer a more stable and amicable political culture. I also co-founded No Labels Florida and serve as a citizen leader.


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