Ron Paul Supporters Need to Accept Mitt Romney or Face Losing All Power


With Mitt Romney as the (mostly) undisputed official candidate for the GOP, the question remains of how Ron Paul supporters will be appeased before the Republican Convention in Tampa this August. The voice of the Paul fans is far too strong to silence. But will they be appeased with something as menial as the position of vice president or a spot in the Cabinet? The answer is most likely no. Considering the comments that I have received on my previous articles regarding the Ron Paul fandom and articles like this one from the Daily Paul, I believe it is safe to say that Ron Paul supporters will view anything less than the highest office as perpetuating what they frequently refer to as “the same old s***”. 

Although there are still those Ron Paul fans that refuse to accept Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee, most rational folks will agree that Romney may indeed be considered the GOP nominee for POTUS. So the question of who will run alongside Romney as he attempts to win the presidency looms large. 

Both Ron and Rand Paul have been put forward as potential VPs, although the possible ramifications of these running mates remains hotly contested. Even if Romney does select a Paul as a member of his staff, this will be unsatisfactory to those who so vociferously advocated for the Ron Paul Revolution. This would undoubtedly not be the revolution they were hoping for. Mitt Romney remains an unappealing candidate to many Ron Paul supporters and it is unlikely that Paul (Ron or Rand) playing second fiddle, especially to a guy seen by Paul supporters as thoroughly unappealing, will sway their protesting attitudes. The attitude of the people I have witnessed would rather write in "Ron Paul for President" on the ballots than vote for Romney, even if Paul did accept the VP slot.

One of the most common comments I received to my suggestion last week that Ron Paul supporters should support Romney unless they want the presidency to remain with Obama was, “It’s Ron Paul or no one.” Well, here’s the deal: no one is not an option.  You can write in Ron Paul on the ballots. You can refuse to vote in protest. But one simple fact remains: someone will be running this country come January. You will either have to choose between Romney and Obama or vote for neither of them. However, if you are a Republican, by not voting for Romney you will help secure another four years for President Obama. That is your choice to make. 

The Daily Paul wrote a nice sarcastic article in support of Mitt Romney the other day. It succinctly explains why Ron Paul is the better choice through examining Romney’s flaws as a candidate. This may all be true, but society just isn’t ready for Ron Paul as a candidate yet.  The only thing that Ron Paul supporters can do is hope that Paul is granted a high Cabinet position or the vice presidency and can continue to influence American politics from a position of power. However, if Paul does get offered one of these positions and Paul fans are unappeased, then Paul will have to remain a voice in Congress ignored, as Obama will reclaim the presidency. So the quandary remains: take some consolation prize and back Romney or take another four years of Obama and protest the system that does not grant Paul absolute authority.