California Primary Results: Ron Paul Far More Popular Than Mitt Romney, Though the Results Won't Show It


Editor's note: We asked California residents to describe the mood in California ahead of the state's primary. Rachel Muntz provides her account here.

Living my entire life in southern California, I don't think I've ever heard less discussion about the elections than this year. I believe that it has a lot to do with the California primary date moving to June, making the delegates California provides effectively pointless. They raise numbers, but not the stakes. 

There was buzz in May when Ron Paul came to speak at Cal State Fullerton, but that was all there was: a soft buzz. Ron Paul has, however, been lauded far more than Romney, especially amongst college students. He has been seen as a champion of the grievances held by the younger set, grievances that arise from the same decisions made by "big" politicians masked by different animal mascots. Politicians like Romney and Obama have enormous war chests and can talk the talk, but there is a strong feeling that their actions will prove otherwise. Paul's outsider status has elevated him to near sainthood.

The Fullerton recall on the ballot could result in higher voter turnout in this city than before. The recall vote calls to replace three councilmen for failure of leadership and corruption. The recall has raised local citizen awareness of the issues, particularly since the beating and death of Kelly Thomas.

I'm keeping my eye on Jay Chen, a Democrat running against Ed Royce in the House for the 39th District in California. Jay Chen served on the Hacienda-La Puente school board and is a small business owner. He is committed to help bring an end to the gridlock plaguing the House. Ed Royce voted against same-sex marriage and gay adoption, supported school prayer, and has the most pro-military rating possible from SANE for his foreign policy votes. He has been serving in the 40th and 39th districts for nearly 20 years total, and it's time for a change.