11 Times Jon Stewart Was So Right and Fox Was So Wrong


Jon Stewart's known for his political humor, but he might be at his best when functioning as a media watchdog. He's currently in the middle of trying to buy CNN, but Stewart's number one foe in this regard has always been fair and balanced Fox News.

From Benghazi to beards, Santa to salmon, here are some of the Comedy Central stalwart's greatest hits when it comes to eviscerating the country's number one cable news network.

That time Fox News found the Benghazi smoking gun:

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart helps Fox News realize why, after hundreds of news stories, congressional hearings and official inquiries, the lack of outrage over Benghazi might not just be a result of ignorance.

That time Stewart turned himself into Glenn Beck:

The Daily Show

Beck might be gone from Fox, but Stewart's iconic parody of the chalkboard-wielding conspiracy theorist lives on.

That time Fox News said the poor didn't deserve seafood...

The Daily Show

Apparently food stamps also shouldn't be used to buy soda or Kentucky Fried Chicken or any number of other things poor people shouldn't have.

... and then didn't understand why Stewart was being so mean about it:

The Daily Show

All they were doing was exposing fraud and abuse! What could be so wrong with that?

That time Fox News promised kids at home that Santa was white:

The Daily Show

For all the kids at home watching Fox News for some reason, don't be scared of all the "multicultural" Christmas talk! Santa Claus is white, just like it says in the Bible.

Those times Fox News anchors weren't exactly fair and balanced:

The Daily Show

Stewart explains the difference between news and opinion. It's a hard concept to grasp.

That time Fox News freaked out about a Ground Zero mosque their part-owner was actually funding:

The Daily Show

Surprise! After Fox News commentators fret about the shady Kingdom Foundation, Stewart reveals the group is actually run by a guy who owns part of News Corp.

That time Fox News couldn't tell the difference between a crescent flag and a hydrogen atom:

The Daily Show

This almost seemed too stupid to include. Almost.

That time Fox News decided having a beard makes you a Taliban sympathizer:

The Daily Show

Unless you're one of the Duck Dynasty guys! They shampoo their beards with patriotism.

That time Fox News tried to turn the tables on Stewart:

The Daily Show

Fox News went on a whole counter-offensive to combat Stewart's mockery. As you might expect, it didn't go well.

And that time Stewart told Fox News to "go fuck yourselves" via gospel choir:

The Daily Show

What else needs to be said?