Palestinians Have Some Advice for Ferguson Residents


Protesters in Ferguson, Mo., are getting an assist from an unlikely source.

Palestinian activists are taking to Twitter with their support and some cases, helpful tips on dealing with things like tear gas. (Hint: Don't rub your eyes.)

Take a look:

The background: The support comes as local police tighten their grip on Ferguson, taking to the streets in riot gear and ridiculous camouflage and pointing guns at unarmed protesters. Reporters, politicians and citizens are being arrested in a situation that seems to have spiraled pretty far out of control.

It started after police shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was unarmed. Police descriptions of the event have differed greatly from eyewitness accounts, and protests have erupted in the wake. It's gotten so bad that Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon may be announcing today that state and federal authorities would be relieving the local cops of their duties.

Hopefully the change in authority will make the scenes in Ferguson a little less familiar to those in Palestine and elsewhere. Of course, hopefully the conditions in Ferguson would not seem familiar to anyone ever again, but that, sadly, does not seem likely.

h/t The Daily Dot