38 Clever Products On Amazon That Truly Make Life Easier

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Some items are strictly for aesthetic purposes, and while they may brighten up a room or add to a theme, said items don't necessarily improve your day-to-day experience. For those who would rather opt for practicality, the internet is filled with brilliant things that truly make life easier; after years of researching and writing about products, I've found that these are the types of purchases that genuinely improve your mood, efficiency, and quality of life.

When it comes to scientifically-proven ways to boost your satisfaction levels, researchers have found that buying time promotes the most happiness. In other words, goods and services that save you time and effort are much more likely to actually improve your life, while pretty items are just icing on the cake.

Luckily, these clever products on Amazon fall into the center of the Venn diagram; yes, they're extremely functional, so you can speed up your routine and add convenience to countless activities in your day — but they're also sleek, stylish, and well-designed, so if said item happens to live on your desk or countertop, it'll add to your space instead of taking away from it. Most importantly, reviewers cannot stop talking about how often they use these genius products, and how much easier life is when they do.


This Sleek Travel Mug That Keeps Your Coffee Hot All Day

The Cosori warmer comes with a stainless steel coffee mug and the heater itself, which keeps your coffee or tea as hot as 158 degrees Fahrenheit — even if you take hours to drink it. The unit plugs into any standard outlet, features a high-tech digital display, and can even switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. "No more going to the microwave to re-warm my coffee," says one reviewer, and whether it's at home or in the office, buyers use it "every single day."


These Eco-Friendly Storage Bags Shaped Like Mason Jars

Thanks to their airtight closures and durable, BPA-free materials, these mason jar ziplock bags are cute and eco-friendly simultaneously. They come in various sizes to fit sandwiches, cookies, fruit, candy, and nuts, and can be washed for reuse or stored in the freezer without issue. One reviewer wrote, "I love that I can put liquids, grains and so many things and save lots of space." Reviewers have used them for everything from storing baked goods to grab-and-go packed lunches.


A Device Mount That Attaches To Virtually Anything — Including Your Neck

The B-Land mount has a flexible gooseneck design, and as a result, it can be wrapped around poles, situated under your mattress, propped up on a desk, secured around your steering wheel, or even worn around your neck. The mount itself allows for 360-degree rotation and has two adjustable adapters, so you can use it for smart phones and tablets alike.


This Diffusion Bracelet That Repels Bugs With Essential Oils

Due to its slip-in essential-oil pellet (which can be refilled after 15 days of protection), the DEET-free Para'Kito repellent bracelet keeps bugs at bay with its patented diffusion technology. It's specifically designed to resist water and stand up to movement, but since it's adjustable, safe, and soft, anyone can wear it during any activity. Get it in four different colors — and each comes with two refill pellets.


A Four-In-One Tool That Improves Every Shopping Trip

After trying the Toolaloo once, reviewers say they "will never shop without it" again. This four-in-one tool clips onto your shopping cart to hold your coffee and your purse — but it also functions as a bag organizer, headrest clip, and weight-balancing handle so you can carry all your bags in at once. It's sturdy enough to handle up to 75 pounds, and it's brilliantly designed with a spring-loaded locking mechanism that fits most shopping carts.


This Brilliant Pen That Digitizes Notes, Translates Text, And Reads To You

Create summaries, take notes, and digitize text in seconds with the Scanmarker air pen. This brilliant gadget syncs up to your phone, tablet, or laptop; as you drag the pen across words in a book or on a handout, those words pop up on the screen. It's also capable of translating or reading aloud in real-time, and since it comes in seven colors, works via Bluetooth, and is compatible with most operating systems, reviewers say it's "definitely one of [their] best purchases" ever.


This Portable Gadget That Turns Any Container Into A Humidifier

The FIGROL portable humidifier is designed to be used alongside any water container, anywhere. It's powered via USB and emits a soothing, cool mist — and since the length of the stem is adjustable, it'll fit in short cups, tall glasses, large carafes, and disposable water bottles. Hundreds of reviewers have given it a 4.5-star rating because it's quiet, convenient, and helps everything from dry eyes to improved breathing.


A Temporary Trash Bag Anywhere You Need It

Some use this trash bag mount in place of a standard bin in RVs, apartments, and small kitchens — but it's also especially helpful as a temporary trash receptacle during meal-prep. Simply chop, de-seed, or peel your ingredients on the counter before pushing them straight into the bag that's hanging below. It's designed to fit over standard cabinet doors, can support a surprising amount of weight, and works alongside recycled plastic shopping bags.


An Outlet Extender, USB Charging Hub, And Shelf All In One

The Allstar Innovations socket shelf plugs in over any standard wall outlet and provides you with six new AC ports, two USB ports, and a convenient shelf. As a result, it works wonders as a device station in the bedroom, a rechargeable toothbrush stand in the bathroom, or a tablet holder in the kitchen. "I got this because it looked cool and I love gadgets that make my life easier. I had no idea that I actually needed it," one reviewer raves. "It has been life-changing."


A Heat-Resistant Mat And Travel Wrap For Your Hair Tools

Since it's made from heat-resistant silicone, the OXO Good Grips mat keeps your countertops safe from straighteners and curling irons — but it also wraps said tools for protected travel and convenient storage. It's textured to prevent slipping and to keep your tools in place, and it has a brilliant tab in the corner that secures the mat over the hot plates, so you can put it straight into your suitcase.


This Cutting Board That Also Weighs Your Food For You

Chop your ingredients on the bamboo cutting board, and then transfer them straight over to the digital kitchen scale. The Nutrifit Super Chef displays the weight in four different units and comes with batteries, a dough-scraper, measuring spoons, and a removable, washable tray. "Love this little thing!" one reviewer raves. "It's reasonably compact and the cutting board feature is great. I have been using a dial scale for food and this is way easier to use (so I use it way more often)."


This Pillow That's Made For People With Glasses

If you wear glasses, lying on your side to watch TV is an uncomfortable experience. This pillow is thoughtfully designed with a cut-out to allow room for your specs, but still supports your head and neck with body-conforming latex. It's also super easy to fold up and take with you when traveling.


The "Best Carry-On/Personal Item Bag" On Amazon

With a roomy interior, various pockets, and soft canvas exterior in 13 different designs, the CAMTOP purse is already an ideal carry-on or weekender bag. That said, this one has something that others don't — a brilliant strap that allows you to slip it onto the handle of your luggage, so you can roll through the airport with all your belongings in tow. Some designs are even made with zippered shoe compartments on the bottom.


This Alarm Clock That Projects The Time On The Ceiling

"By far the best for projecting on ceiling," one reviewer raved about this projection alarm clock. It projects the time onto the ceiling so you can see it without rolling over, and it also features dual alarms, adjustable volumes, an AM/FM radio, and a USB port for charging your phone as you sleep. If you're in the market for a new alarm clock, this is one to consider.


This Travel Bottle That Filters The Water As You Drink

Whether you're camping, traveling to foreign countries, or just don't like the taste of the tap in your apartment, the Bobble water bottle provides a reliable and convenient way to get clean water. It's made with a built-in carbon filter that removes the taste and odor of chlorine found in municipal tap water The bottle itself is leak-proof, BPA-free, and has an attached cap to enclose the top of the water bottle for less spilling.


A Kit So You Can Wash Dry-Clean-Only Garments At Home

Rather than running to the dry-cleaner every time you need to wash that suit, dress, or blazer, the Dryel Mega starter kit includes everything you need to do it at home — in 15 minutes, and without fear of damage. A stain stick and odor-removal spray ensure that the garment looks and smells freshly-washed, while the fabric-safe sheets and included bag steam and clean up to five garments at once in your standard home-dryer.


This Travel Belt With A Hidden Zipper Pocket

Reviewers have worn this money belt with a secret pocket for both travel and daily use. Its nylon design and adjustable size mean it functions as an everyday belt, but the hidden zipper pocket keeps your money, a house key, or a copy of your passport stored safely against your waist. That way, your essentials are never far and entirely protected against pickpockets.


Or This Fashionable Scarf With Secret Storage

"Comfortable," "stylish," "soft," and "well-made" are words that keep showing up in the review section of the scarf. Thanks to 14 color options and no-hassle infinity design, reviewers say they'd wear it even if it didn't have a hidden zipper pocket. That said, since said pocket is big enough to hold a phone, passport, chapstick, room key, or cash without looking bulky, it's a must-have for travel, festivals, and bag-free adventures.


These Microfiber Cloths That Remove Makeup With Just Water

There are several reasons why these Rainbow Rovers Wanderlust cloths have a 4.8-star rating. The three microfiber wipes are soft, large, washable, colorful, and come with a free case — but most importantly, they remove all kinds of makeup without any need for remover. Instead, the special fabric just needs to be moistened with water; then it grabs onto residue and debris without irritating the skin. Reviewers say, "Amazing! Removes all makeup including waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner."


This Acupressure Band That Aims To Relieve Headaches

"I didn’t have high expectations, but I have to admit it works! I get tension headaches [and] when I use this on my hand, I can feel the tension just melt away." Reviewers also love the Aculief band because it's tiny, portable, discreet, and doesn't require any medication. It supposedly works by stimulating a stress-associated pressure point in your hand, but buyers say they "don't really care" how — just that it does.


A Double Oven Mitt That Covers Both Hands For More Safety

This genius double-handed oven mitt is great for picking up hot dishes and dutch ovens directly from the oven. Easily slip your hands into each of the attached mitts, which are heat-resistant up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. And, since this is machine-washable, you can easily clean it whenever you get it dirty in the kitchen.


These Stylish Glasses That Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Some wear them during a long workday to prevent screen-associated headaches and eyestrain, while others use them before bed to prevent the light from their phones from delaying sleep. Either way, these Livhò glasses are a stylish and convenient way to stop the blue light from your devices from interrupting your body's natural rhythms. Even though they're completely transparent, they block up to 80 percent of the blue spectrum, and reviewers say they "helped tremendously."


An Upside-Down Bottle Kit So You Can Get Every Last Drop

The Flip-It kit positions your bottles upside-down in your shower or on your counter, so you can get every last drop out without struggle. Thanks to the included adapters, they fit most shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and gels — but they also work on food bottles like syrups and condiments. They're even BPA-free, reusable, and dishwasher-safe.


This Remote-Controlled Safety Candle That's Made With Paraffin Wax

These three LED flameless candles are remote-controlled and can be set to run over four different time periods (two hours, four hours, six hours, and eight hours). The candles' shells are made from paraffin wax that really resembles a genuine candle, but involves zero flames. Instead these candles run on rechargeable batteries that can charge in one to two hours using the included USB cords.


A Three-In-One Holder That Secures Your Wine To Almost Any Surface

Thanks to its three interchangeable bases, the SunChaser wine glass holder secures your wine wherever you happen to be. The stake base can be stuck into the ground, the suction base is idea for boats, baths, and tabletops, and the strap fits around the arm of a lawn chair. The interior prongs then cling onto most standard stems to keep your glass upright and safe.


This Compact 12-In-One Hammer Tool

Even though it measures just 5.4 inches long, the hammer multi-tool features 12 essentials in one. It's made of stainless-steel and transforms into various shapes to provide you with a hammer, wire cutter, bottle opener, saw, and file, as well as different pliers, screwdrivers, and knives. One reviewer described it as "extremely unique compared to other multipurpose tools" and great to "keep in glovebox, tackle box or pocket."


A Sleek Key Fob That Keeps Track Of Your Things

Clip the Tile Mate onto your keychain, or tuck it into your wallet or backpack, then prompt it to ring so you can find your lost item in record time — or you can track it via the coordinating location app on your phone. "I love this device," wrote one reviewer. "I activated it from the other side of my house. It rang loud and clear."


This Magnetic Windshield Cover For Ice, Leaves & Heat

The magnetic cover can protect your windshield and wipers, so even those without garages never have to scrape ice again — but it's also extremely efficient when it comes to leaves, dust, and trapped heat from the sun. The durable material effortlessly attaches to your car using both magnets and elastic and keeps the inconveniences caused by the elements to a minimum.


These Activated Charcoal Bags That Keep Shoes Smelling Fresh

Slip these PURGGO odor eliminators into your shoes (or your gym bag, car, bathroom, or closet) to absorb any unwanted smells without overpowering scents or harmful chemicals. Each one is filled with activated bamboo charcoal, which soaks up odor particles, moisture, and bacteria for 365 days straight — and after that, they can be "recharged" in the sun. "This totally works," says one reviewer who used to wash their shoes once a month. "Could not believe it ... The smell was gone [after using these] just once."


This Handheld Fabric Shaver That Makes Clothing Look Like New

"[T]his works really well for pilling on clothes," reviewers rave about the Magictec rechargeable fabric shaver. Another says, "It made my favorite old sweatshirt looks brand new again!" The USB-rechargeable design powers three blades, which effortlessly remove lint and pilling from fabric — but since the head is covered by a stainless steel mesh cover, it won't damage your clothing in the process. It's also handheld, extremely portable, and can be used on everything from drapes to yoga pants.


A "Must-Have" Magnetic Chalkboard For Meal Planning

This magnetic chalkboard has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. Reviewers say it's a "must-have" for meal-planning because it organizes the week into individual days. It also has a blank spot for notes and is always within reach, so you can add something to your grocery list before you forget. It even comes with three neon liquid-chalk markers and attaches to your refrigerator without damage.


A Nonslip Shower Mat That Drains Water & Dries Quickly

The fast-drying shower mat has a loofah-like design that allows water to drain through and prevents you from slipping on wet flooring. The breathability helps it stave off mildew, and it's easy to hose down when it needs a clean. One shopper confirmed that it "does not move in the shower and since does not have the suction cups no mildew build up."


This Elegant Necklace That Doubles As A Glasses Loop

When not in use, this eyeglass necklace looks like a stylish, unique necklace with a silver-finish ring and a silk strap that one reviewer described as "gentle on my neck" — but its real purpose is to function as a secure, convenient place to hang your glasses. It works for both sunglasses as well as prescription pairs. Most importantly, per one reviewer, it's a "simple, modern and sleek looking" solution to keeping your glasses close at hand.


These Color-Changing Smart Bulbs That Don't Require A Hub

If you're lucky enough to find a set of affordable smart bulbs, they'll likely require an additional hub — but not these Peteme LED bulbs. Instead, they sync to your smartphone, Google Home, and Alexa without any additional add-ons. They also allow you to choose between 16 million different colors, not to mention various lighting modes, timers, and group controls, so you can personalize any light fixture from anywhere.


A USB-Rechargeable Hand Vacuum That Sucks And Blows Air

The double-sided Ehoyal handheld vacuum is great for any minor mess, but reviewers especially love it for cleaning electronics like laptops and keyboards. Its USB-rechargeable design can both suck air and blow it, so getting dust, crumbs, and debris out from between keys is a no-brainer. It even comes with multiple head attachments, a USB charger, and a storage bag.


These Highly-Rated Patches That Heal And Shrink Pimples

Because they're filled with hypoallergenic hydrocolloid, these Le Gushe acne patches aim to shrink and heal a pimple overnight. They absorb fluid and protect the blemish from bacteria, so by morning, reviewers report that the spot is flatter, less inflamed, and much less visible: "These patches work wonders ... I will continue to buy these and tell all my friends about them."


This Sleek Magnetic Cable Manager That Keeps Chargers Handy

If your phone charger is perpetually falling behind your night stand, the Silk magnetic cable manager "makes life a little more worth living," according to reviewers. The weighted base is sleek-looking and covered in fabric, but inside, it's got hidden magnets that keep your cables exactly where they belong. It's available in gray or toasted beige, and it takes up minimal room on your side table or desk.


An Emergency Battery That Can Jump Your Car

Rather than relying on someone else for a jump, the LOFTEK starter has a built-in 10400mAh battery to do the job for vehicles with up to 7-liter gas or 5.5-liter diesel engines. It can also power your phone and features a flashlight — both potentially useful in an emergency. Plus, at only 1.7 pounds, the compact starter should fit effortlessly in your trunk.