Maria Cassano

Maria Cassano is an e-commerce writer for Bustle, where she covers products in the subcategories of home, tech, health, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and just about everything in between. She specializes in affiliate marketing content, but also has experience with copywriting, editing, consulting, ghostwriting, academic tutoring, and resumes. In addition to Bustle and all of its subsidiaries, Maria's work has appeared in dozens of other publications, including CNN, The Daily Beast, Allure, and Lonny. She's also the author of the novelette The Five Days of Christmas, available on Amazon. Maria earned her BA in English from SUNY New Paltz and wakes up every day grateful to be in an industry she loves (and actually using her degree). Maria lives, works, games, crafts, and bakes from her home on Long Island, which she shares with her dog Oscar. For her, the lines between work and play are often blurred — but when she's not on the clock, Maria can be found traveling, playing guitar, or planning her next home renovation project. See more of her work at