40 clever things that make it cheaper & easier to look better

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Rampant advertising would have you believe that it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to look even halfway presentable, but I'm here to tell you: Don't believe the hype. There are plenty of cheap products that make you look good and they're easy to use too. In fact, none of these products will overwhelm you with cost or complication, which means getting ready to go out in the world might actually feel fun — and not like a drag at all.

The products you'll find here run the gamut, because sprucing up means a lot more than just putting a little product in your hair. For example, one of the easiest ways to look sharp is by using a fabric shaver on clothes that are a little worse for the wear. The rotating blades instantly remove fuzz, lint, and pilling, so your sweater or favorite pair of pants look like they just came off the rack.

Some other great finds? An overnight teeth-whitening treatment that removes up to 15 years of coffee and red wine stains in just a week, classic sunglasses that offer a timelessly cool aesthetic, and a fan-favorite mud mask that prevents breakouts and hydrates thirsty skin. Scroll on for more budget-friendly buys on Amazon that'll have you feeling like a million bucks.


A fabric shaver that makes old clothes look brand new

An easy way to refresh old clothes, this fabric defuzzer removes lint, pilling, and fluff, effectively restoring garments to their former glory. It's powered by AA batteries and features three height settings, so you can safely use it on all kinds of material, including wool, cashmere, and even furniture upholstery (so your living room can look good too).


This relaxing scalp massager & shampoo brush

When you're relaxed, you generally feel better about your appearance, and there's no better way to relax than with this combo shampoo brush and and scalp massager. Not only do the soft silicone bristles give you a next-level lather, but they also stimulate circulation in your scalp for a shampoo session that feels almost as good as a professional wash.


The milk & honey cuticle oil with a devoted following

If you've got brittle nails that are prone to cracking and peeling, this milk and honey cuticle oil is a good fix — and one that's earned a 4.7-star overall Amazon rating after more than 79,000 reviews. Made with natural ingredients, the lightweight formula penetrates nails to strengthen and deeply hydrate. Just apply one drop to each nail and massage in.


A lip repair treatment that reviewers swear by

Want a quick but effective way to quench dry lips? Use this overnight lip repair balm. Reviewers rave about its ability to moisturize extremely dry skin, repair cracks, and soothe irritation — even when nothing else works. Plus, the hypoallergenic formula leaves behind a matte finish, so it's ideal for anyone who doesn't like a glossy, sticky feel.


These foot peel masks that get rid of rough skin

If the rough skin on your feet could tear a hole in your bed sheets, these foot peel masks are for you. They slip over your feet like socks and are infused with exfoliating ingredients that penetrate deeply into skin while you wear them for an hour. But don't expect immediate results — it'll take a few days for layers of dead skin to start peeling off your feet, but the soft and smooth end results are very much worth the wait.


The microfiber hair towel that won't cause breakage

Your standard terrycloth towel features thousands of tiny loops that can cause hair breakage and frizz, but this soft microfiber towel dries hair gently and leaves your strands looking smooth. Even better, it's more absorbent than most towels, so it dries hair faster — ideal if you're in a rush to get out the door.


These cleaning wipes for suede & leather

You probably invested good money on your suede or leather shoes, and luckily, keeping them in good repair is easy with these boot wipes. The wipes are infused with a gentle cleaning solution that removes dirt, mud, and road salt to keep your kicks looking great. And they're versatile — use them on jackets, bags, and leather car seats too.


These unisex no-show socks with ultra-high ratings

With a 4.8-star overall score after more than 23,000 ratings, it's safe to say that reviewers are obsessed with these no-show socks. Not too thick and not too thin, they disappear under sneakers for a streamlined look and feature three silicone strips at the heels to keep them from sliding down. Choose from multipacks in neutrals like and white and gray, or brights that run the rainbow spectrum.

  • Available sizes: small — large (fits men's shoe sizes 4 — 12 and women's shoe sizes 5 — 15.5)


An ice roller that reduces facial puffiness

If you're looking to bring down facial puffiness after a late night or salty dinner, this ice roller is just the thing. Keep it in the freezer, then roll it along your skin to reduce swelling and minimize the appearance of pores. It's also great to have on hand in case of headaches, migraines, and minor bruises.


The brush that detangles hair gently

A head full of stubborn tangles is no match for this detangling brush that gets rid of them pretty painlessly — and without causing breakage. It's outfitted with cone-shaped bristles that separate hair sideways — instead of down — which gently unravels strands rather than tugging at them. Choose from colors that add a pop to your bathroom counter, like navy, coral, and turquoise.


These timeless sunglasses that are effortlessly cool

Instantly upgrade your cool quotient with these retro sunglasses that look good on just about anyone. Boasting a classic aesthetic (gold hardware, round lenses), they offer UV protection and are polarized to prevent glare on even the brightest days. You can opt for the timeless black lenses pictured here, or go for an updated twist with mirrored green or blue lenses.


The lip brushes that exfoliate rough skin

Remedy dry and peeling lips in no time flat with these lip exfoliating brushes. The double-sided brushes feature silicone bristles that gently remove dry, rough skin in just a few swipes. And since they're endlessly reusable, they're a more affordable buy than lip scrubs.


This silk pillowcase that's good for skin & hair

It may seem odd, but a silk pillowcase actually has some legitimate hair and skin benefits. Not only does smooth texture prevent morning pillow creases on your face, but it also keeps hair breakage at bay (really). What's more, silk stays cool all night, so you can grab a solid eight hours without having to turn the pillow over. This pillowcase is made from 100% mulberry silk and features a low-key hidden zipper design.

  • Available sizes: standard, queen, king, body
  • Available colors: 34


The 8-second hair rinse that adds gloss & shine

Shortcut your way to hair that looks like it's straight out of a shampoo commercial with L'Oréal's Wonder Water. The formula uses lamellar technology to add shine and gloss to hair without weighing it down. And it requires almost zero time and effort — just apply to wet hair, massage for eight seconds (yep, just eight), then rinse.


This scrubbing mitt that softens rough skin

For skin that's soft as butter, slip on this scrubbing glove the next time you hop in the shower. The gritty mitt gently exfoliates dry, rough layers to reveal the soft skin underneath. Pay extra attention to your knees and elbows, and you'll step out of the shower feeling silky smooth all over.


This pet hair remover that leaves no stray fur behind

If you're a dog or cat owner, this pet hair remover is quite possibly the easiest way to spruce up your look. With just a few passes, it lifts away fur, so it's not at all evident that you spent half the day with a pet curled up in your lap. Along with a full-size fur remover, you'll get a travel version that's perfect for suitcases, backpacks, and glove compartments.


This clothes steamer that gets out wrinkles with minimal effort

Lazy people, rejoice: With this clothes steamer, you no longer have to go to the hassle of hauling out an ironing board to work out a few wrinkles. Even better, it heats up within two minutes — helpful if you realize your dress shirt is creased all over just before you're ready to leave home. Just fill with water, plug it in, and run across your garment to release wrinkles in no time.


This mask that temporarily colors hair — in 9 shades

If you want to revive your color between hair appointments — or experiment with completely new shades — try out this color-depositing mask. The conditioning formula infuses hair with temporary color while also leaving it soft and strong, courtesy of argan oil. You can choose from natural shades like cocoa and champagne, or opt for vibrant hues like copper, lilac, and aquamarine.

  • Available shades: 9


The hair, skin & nail gummy vitamins that taste like candy

Treat yourself to these hair, skin, and nail gummies that are packed with nourishing ingredients like biotin, collagen, and antioxidant-rich vitamins C and E. The lab-tested gummies taste like tropical citrus, and reviewers are sold on the results — one wrote, "I absolutely love these gummies! I take two in the morning everyday and I have noticed a big change since I began to use them. My hair is finally growing longer and thicker, and my nails are so shiny and strong."


The 4-tip eyebrow pen that creates realistic-looking hairs

This ingenious eyebrow pen features four micro-tips that create realistic-looking hairs for a natural, filled-in look. One reviewer wrote that “what makes this different from other brow pens/pencils is that it blends in and looks ‘real.’” Plus, the formula is waterproof , so you can go for a sweaty run and rest assured that your look won't budge. It comes in four hues.


An exfoliating brush that prevents razor bumps

Exfoliating the areas you shave can go a long way in preventing razor bumps and irritation since new hair can't get trapped under the skin. Use this exfoliating brush to do just that. It's designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and features flexible round-tipped bristles that slough off the top layer of skin, so hair can freely grow, instead of causing red bumps.


A 12-pack of nail files with different grits

When it comes to looking good, it never hurts to look after the small stuff — e.g., your nails. This filing set comes with six buffer blocks that do some heavy-duty sanding (they even work on toenails) as well as six dual-sided files that work on both natural and artificial nails. Each file is oversized, giving your hand lots of control while you use it.


A moisturizing hair elixir for dry strands

Give dry hair the attention it needs with this multi-use hair elixir. Formulated with almond, olive, and avocado oils, you can use this moisturizing workhouse three different ways: Apply it to damp hair to protect it before blow drying, rub it onto the ends of dry hair to seal in cuticles, or apply it to wet or dry hair before bed for an overnight deep-conditioning treatment.


A teeth whitening pen that works overnight

Brighten your pearly whites while you sleep with this Colgate teeth whitening pen. The overnight formula can remove up to 15 years of stains in just a week, and the pen-style tip allows for precise application — that means you can reach the curves of each tooth while avoiding potentially sensitive areas like your gums. And reviewers report that the results are "absolutely amazing" and that it's a "must buy."


This nail care set that's packed with everything you need

If you don't have the time or money to get your nails professionally done, you can do them yourself with this all-in-one manicure kit. The set comes with clippers in multiple sizes for both fingernails and toenails, as well as files, scissors, and cuticle pushers. In fact, this comprehensive set even includes tweezers and pore extractors — all packed into a convenient storage case.


The jewelry cleaner that makes precious metals shine

Keep your wedding band any other jewelry in top-notch condition with this professional-grade jewelry cleaning solution. Safe to use on diamonds, precious stones, and most metals, the formula reduces the appearance of scratches and restores brilliance and shine. Just dip your jewelry in the solution and use the included brush to gently scrub any small crevices.


These gel ice packs that soothe tired, puffy eyes

Look, it's just not possible to get a full eight hours every night, but you can fake it with these gel ice packs for your eyes. And they don't just reduce swelling and puffiness after a sleepless night, they can also be used to ease headache pain or soothe tired eyes after a day of staring at your computer screen.


This hemming tape you can just iron on

No time to take your pants in to be tailored? This hemming tape is an easy fix, and you don't even have to know how to use a sewing machine. The double-sided adhesive creates a clean hem in just seconds. Just measure, apply the tape, then iron to create a permanent bond.


The hair bonding oil that repairs strands at the molecular level

Dying and heat styling can lead to hair damage over time, but Olaplex bonding oil works wonders when it comes to restoring strength and shine. It penetrates hair down at the molecular level where it repairs broken hair bonds to improve shine, manageability, and texture, while also protecting hair from future damage. To boot, this cult-favorite product boasts a stellar 4.7-star average rating.


This 5-speed facial brush to deep clean your skin

If you deal with clogged pores or breakouts, it's worth investing in this sonic facial cleansing brush that offers a thorough clean that your hands just can't replicate. The rechargeable, waterproof brush is made with silicone and operates on five speed settings to massage and exfoliate your skin.


A mud mask that prevents breakouts

Another way to keep your complexion clear, this Dead Sea mud mask is infused with minerals that naturally draw the oils and dirt out from your pores to prevent future breakouts. The addition of aloe, vitamin E, calendula, and jojoba oil restore moisture to skin for a full facial treatment. It's suitable for all skin types and gentle enough for daily use.


These eyebrow razors that also dermaplane skin

These eyebrow razors are a quick and painless way to remove any stray hairs you're looking to get rid of (so much more pleasant than plucking). Even better, they perform double-duty as dermaplaners, which means they can exfoliate the top layer of skin while removing any peach fuzz you may not want.


A no-iron shirt that comes in 29 patterns

Nothing says "put-together" more than a crisp button-down, and this unisex version comes in over a dozen patterns that add a little fun to your look, like ocean waves, cacti, and denim blue floral. The signature wash gives it a lived-in feel, and since the shirt is wrinkle-resistant, you can look polished without having to use an iron.


This hair finishing stick that smooths flyaways

Using heavy hair gel to smooth flyaways can result in a slick and sticky look, but this hair finishing stick is the perfect remedy. The unique mascara-like application makes it easy to swipe on just the right amount of pomade, so your ballerina bun will look polished and neat.


These necklace extenders that add instant length

If your favorite necklace isn't quite the right length for the outfit you've chosen, you can use one of these chain extenders to temporarily make it longer. In fact, you can also use one to transform your favorite bracelet into an anklet for the day. The set comes with eight gold and silver extenders in multiple lengths.


The nail-drying drops that work in 60 seconds

If you've got fidgety hands that just can't wait for nail polish to set (and thence end up with a smudged manicure), you'll love these OPI nail drying drops. Just apply to freshly polished nails, and they'll be dry-to-the-touch in 60 seconds flat. The handy formula is moisturizing, too — jojoba oil and vitamin E nourish dry cuticles.


These eyeliner stamps that create a cat eye

Perfecting a cat eye is no small task, but you can fake it with these easy-to-use eyeliner stamp pens. Each of the dual-ended pens features a stamp for creating a wing, as well as a traditional tip to line the rest of the eye. The midnight black pen comes in three sizes, so you can go for a subtle wing or something much more dramatic.


This vitamin C serum that brightens skin

With this brightening vitamin C serum, your skin will look downright luminous. It helps stimulate skin cell turnover, while lightening dark spots and evening out skin tone. And since it's packed with antioxidants, it'll leave skin protected from the elements. The formula also includes heavy-hitting moisturizers like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.


The clips that conceal your bra straps under racerbacks

These ingenious little clips and straps conceal your bra straps under racerback tops, while still giving you the support of a traditional bra (ideal if you don't want to go strapless). They can also improve the fit of your existing bra, adding up to a full cup size. The set comes with three straps and nine clips in black, beige, and white.


A set of versatile stud earrings

You can never have too many stud earrings, and this set comes with a full six pairs in a variety of sizes, so you can go subtle or full-on bling. They're made with hypoallergenic stainless steel, so they're suitable for sensitive skin, and come in three stud options: cubic zirconia, white pearl, and black pearl.

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