45 ways to get organized with little effort

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There's just something about an organized home that feels better. To some, that means all your stuff is sitting pretty on shelves or in cabinets. To me, it means everything is shoved underneath the bed to make my room look cleaner. But you might be a more organized person than me, which is probably why you're here to check out all these genius things on Amazon that'll help you tidy up your stuff.

How genius are we talking? Let's just say that you'll kick yourself for not having come up with a few of these (like the under-the-sink shelves I've included). Not only is the height and width adjustable, but the U-shaped design allows them to wrap around your plumbing without any hassle. Or maybe your bathroom is overflowing with toiletries. In that case, there are stackable bins to keep things tidy, sliding drawers you can stash inside of cabinets, or even a lazy Susan with removable bins. And before I get carried away, let me just direct your attention to the riser that adds storage underneath your monitor — because I just added it to my cart.

It doesn't matter whether you're organizing your car or your home — these clever products can help get everything looking tidy.


The stackable bins that you can see through

No matter whether you've got clutter in your bathrooms or closets, these stackable organizers can help clear it away. The handles on the sides make it easy to carry them from room to room, and each one is completely BPA-free.


A lazy Susan that's perfect for snacks & serums

Put this lazy Susan in your fridge, and you'll instantly have a convenient spot to stash snacks and juice pouches. Or, if you put it on your vanity, it works great for holding serums and lotions. The bins are removable, and the non-slip feet keep it from shifting.


This toilet paper stand with room for spares

You don't have to get caught on the toilet without any paper — just keep a few spare rolls in the basket on the bottom of this holder. The feet on the bottom keep the rolls high and dry from any water on the floor, and the shelf on top is the perfect spot to leave your smartphone while you shower.


A set of spice tins that come with stylish labels

Looking for ways to make your pantry Instagram-worthy? Search no further than these metal spice tins. Each order comes with two sets of stylish labels, as well as 17 blank stickers you can use for your own blends. Many reviewers also raved about how they helped save them space in their cabinets.


The shoe rack that helps you save floor space

Don't have enough space for a bulky shoe rack? No problem — just hang this one over any standard door. It features 24 clear pockets where you can stash shoes, art supplies, or any other small items, and there are zero tools required for assembly.


A backpack insert with tons of pockets to keep things sorted

With more than 10 pockets to help you stay organized, this insert is a must-have for anyone whose backpack is consistently cluttered. It's made from soft, yet sturdy fabric to help your backpack maintain its shape — and you can grab it in six colors to match the inside of your bag: beige, coffee, grey, and others.


This toiletry bag that you can use at home & on the go

Not only is this toiletry bag so versatile you'll want to use it while you're traveling and while you're at home, but it has so many smart features including exterior mesh pockets, a tiny hanger so you can store this almost anywhere, and a laminated, waterproof pockets that allow you to see your belongings while keeping them securely in place. This is big enough to fit full-size bottles, too, so there’s no need to spend more on travel-size containers.


A monitor stand that adds storage to your desktop

Instead of straining your neck downwards to read your monitor, just pop it onto this stand. It's able to support up to 80 pounds, and there's even a bonus shelf underneath where you can stash notebooks, office supplies, and more. Assembly is simple, and most reviewers wrote that it took less than five minutes.


The food clips with strong magnets built into the back

Need to stick a quick note onto the fridge? Just put it up using one of these magnetic food clips. They're also great for closing open snack bags, and each one is made from durable nylon with ribbed non-slip clamps.


A pack of clothes hangers for pants & jeans

You don't need to clog up your dresser with pants and jeans — just hang them in your closet with these hangers. Each one is able to hold up to five pairs, and they're made from durable steel that shouldn't bend under pressure.


This tool that helps you trim your beard at home

Why spend upwards of $20 on a trip to the barbershop when you could get the same trim at home with this shaping tool? Simply hold it up against your face, and then trim along the line. Since each side features a different curve, it's designed to work with different types of hairlines as well as head sizes.


A wireless charger with a built-in desk organizer

Unlike other wireless phone chargers, this charger doesn't need you to pop off your phone case — and it'll work with any phone that's Qi-enabled and with cases that are up to 5 millimeters thick. It also features extra storage space on the side where you can easily stash pens, pencils, eyeglasses, as well as other office supplies.


The water bottle that reminds you to stay hydrated

If you're trying to drink more water, might I suggest this water bottle? Not only is it BPA-free, but it also features time stamps and motivational sayings on the side that remind you to take sips throughout the day. It holds 32 ounces at a time and has a handy flip top lid, clever features that helped this bottle get a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


A shelf designed to fit around your plumbing

The plumbing underneath your sink is probably too large for a standard set of shelves, which is why these shelves are designed with a U-shape that fits around your pipes. And since both height and width are adjustable, you can easily shape them to fit the space.


These headrest hooks that can hold up to 44 pounds each

Don't let your groceries spill out all over your back seat — just hang them from these headrest hooks. Each one is able to hold up to 44 pounds, so you don't have to worry about them snapping — and they also work great for keeping handbags off messy car floors.


A set of dividers to keep your shelves looking tidy

Don't let the stuff on your shelves bleed together; simply keep everything neat and separated with these dividers. They're transparent so that it's easy to see where everything is, and one reviewer even raved that they "worked perfectly to organize my workout clothes for easy access."


The broom holder you can also use for sports equipment

Brooms and mops, golf clubs and hockey sticks — you name it, and this tool holder can keep it looking tidy. There's enough space for up to six items, and the hooks between each slot are perfect for cleaning rags, baseball mitts, and more.


A pack of vertical hangers that help you save space

Just pop your standard hangers onto these magic ones, and they'll help you free up precious storage space in any closet. Each one is able to hold up to five hangers, and you can hang them vertically or horizontally (depending on your layout).


These car seat fillers that feature built-in cupholders

Need more storage space in the front of your car? Just slide these gap fillers between your car seats. Each one features an extra cupholder, and there's enough space for you to stash your smartphone, wallet, sunglasses, and other small items.


A garbage can specifically designed for your vehicle

Instead of letting trash pile up in your car, just toss it into this garbage can. It's made from high-quality Oxford cloth, and the walls are leakproof so that your car stays clean. Once you've emptied it out, simply fold it down for easy storage until you're ready to use it again.


This lint bin that sticks onto your dryer

Use the built-in keyhole hanger, or simply stick this lint bin to the side of your dryer using the magnetic backing. It's made from durable plastic, and you can also use it to hold spare dryer sheets if you're already good about clearing the lint trap. Choose from two colors: white or grey.


A dish rack made from sleek bamboo

Tired of seeing your clunky dish rack take up tons of counter space? Just upgrade to this chic bamboo version. There's enough space for up to seven plates or pot lids, and you can also remove the pegs to accommodate larger pieces of cookware.


The fashionable shelves that add storage to corners

Whether your kitchen or your bathroom could use some extra shelves, these ones will fit right into nearly any corner. They're made from a combination of natural bamboo and durable stainless steel, and each order comes with all the tools necessary for assembly.


A pack of clear containers for cotton swabs, hairpins, & more

It doesn't matter whether you've got loose cotton balls or cotton swabs all over your vanity — these cute containers can help tidy things up. They're made from thick plastic that mimics the appearance of glass, and the lids fit tightly to help keep out dust and dirt.


This car visor organizer for sunglasses, credit cards, & more

Credit cards, sunglasses, vehicle manuals, and more — you name it, this visor organizer likely has space for it. It features nine pockets as well as a clip for your sunglasses, and the two strong elastic bands make sure it doesn't shake loose while you're driving.


A pair of clear drawers that stack on top of each other

Not only are these drawers the perfect size for palettes and other makeup supplies, but they also stack on top of each other to help you save space. They're available in three different sizes to fit your home, and the handles are curved so they're easy to grip.


The packing cubes that keep your suitcase organized

Made from water-resistant nylon, these packing cubes help keep your clothes organized in your suitcase while you're traveling. Each order comes with four cubes in varying sizes, as well as one drawstring bag for dirty laundry. Choose from nine colors, including aqua, red, green, and more.


A shower caddy with space for loofahs, soaps, & more

Just hang this caddy on your shower head, then use the suction cups on the back to secure it in place. It's made from durable steel with a rust-resistant chrome finish, and there's even a designated space on the bottom shelf for a bar of soap.


This rack for your kitchen wrap & bag boxes

Plastic wrap, foil, snack baggies — you name it, and this rack has space for it. It works particularly great with extra-long boxes that take up too much space in drawers, and it's wide enough to hold three standard boxes per row.


A tiered basket organizer that's perfect for cleaning supplies

Pop these tiered sliding drawers in your cabinets or in your bathroom, and you'll instantly have a great spot to keep all your cleaning supplies hidden from view. There are zero tools required for assembly, and you've got options when it comes to colors: white, grey, and black.


The basket that hangs over your cabinet doors

Made from durable steel, this over-the-door basket works great for holding your cutting boards, wrap boxes, and other kitchen supplies. It's large enough for up to five standard cutting boards, and you can also mount it to a wall using the included screws.


A drawer that holds all your coffee pods

Since it's made from sturdy bamboo, you can easily pop this drawer underneath your coffee maker as a convenient place to keep all your pods. The dividers on the inside are adjustable, and it's large enough to hold up to 36 pods.


These duvet clips that keep your comforter from shifting

Tired of having to adjust your duvet cover? Just use these clips to stop your comforter from shifting around inside. They're topped with 100% linen and come in eight different colors to match your bedsheets.


A pair of shelves that stick to the corner of your shower

If you need to de-clutter your shower, why not pop these shelves up? They're made from rustproof stainless steel, and the included adhesive stands up to the constant stream of water and humidity. Each order also comes with extra adhesive (just in case you want to reposition them).


The sponge holder made from easy-to-clean silicone

Most plastic sponge holders have nooks and crannies that are hard to scrub, whereas this one is made from durable silicone that easily wipes clean with a cloth. It's large enough for scrubbers and a soap dispenser, but you can even use it as a spoon rest while cooking.


An organizer to keep your trunk looking tidy

You don't have to let your trunk turn into a jumbled mess — just make sure to grab this organizer. The compartments are adjustable, so you can use it to store sports equipment, groceries, or whatever else is in your trunk. Plus, the straps let you secure it down so it doesn't slide around.


These shelves that slide in & out of small spaces

Make the most of the small gaps around your house with these sliding shelves. They're ultra-narrow so that you can slip them between your washer and dryer or kitchen counters (depending on your setup), and they're made from high-quality plastic with stainless steel supports.


A pair of shoelaces you don't have to tie

Whether you're tired of bending over or tying your shoes altogether, these no-tie shoelaces can help. They're available in more than 10 colors, including black, rainbow, pink, and more. One size is made to fit most shoes.


The dividers that help you sort out your drawers

I like to put these dividers into junk drawers where all my stuff have a tendency to get mixed together. They're stiff, yet adjustable so that you can customize them to fit your space — and one reviewer even raved that they "ordered another set for my pantry and bathroom and will probably buy a couple for presents! Highly recommend!"


A storage bin system that's perfect for workbenches

Need a place to store all your nuts and bolts? Mount this storage bin system to the wall above your workbench. Each bin is so sturdy that it can hold up to 22 pounds, and they also work great for organizing office supplies.


This adjustable rack for plates, pans, & more

With adjustable dividers that you can move around to accommodate your items, this rack is great for keeping your pans, lids, and other kitchen cookware looking organized. The non-slip feet keep it from shifting, and the dividers are made from stainless steel.


A tiered shower caddy that comes in 4 different finishes

Available in bronze, chrome, nickel, and white, this caddy adds four shelves of storage to your shower or bathtub. The open-wire design allows your items to dry quickly to avoid mildew, and there are zero tools needed for installation — just use the built-in tension rod to stabilize it.


An expander that gives you more space in your car’s cupholder

If your water bottle is too big for your car’s cupholder, this handy expander will solve that problem for you. It fits right into most car’s cupholders and can securely hold bottles up to 40 ounces. This adapter has a clever feature, it can be offset with a single adjustment bolt, so it won’t block the adjacent cupholder.


A pack of individually-wrapped biodegradable cloths

It might not look like much, but this bag contains 100 compressed dry-to-wet cloths — and each one is even biodegradable. They're made from 100% biodegradable fabric. Just add water, watch these expand to a 9-by-9-inch towel, and use these individually-wrapped towels for everything to cleaning to freshening up after a workout.


This dish-drying rack that rolls out over your sink

Still using a bulky countertop drying rack? Then it's definitely time to upgrade to this over-the-sink version. There's no grimy drip tray to clean out since any excess water falls into your sink, and you can also use it as a trivet for hot plates in a pinch.

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