46 useful products that might be more genius than Einstein

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The world wide web is packed with some staggeringly inventive little gadgets, some of which are so clever, they just might be more genius than Einstein. Ok, perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration (I can definitively say none of these products came up with the theory of relativity), but these useful products on Amazon are legitimately impressive nonetheless.

Some of these products are so simple and handy, that you'll wonder why no one's thought of them before. Case in point: charging cables designed to plug into phones and tablets at a right angle. This clever design hack prevents cords from fraying, and to make things even better, they're made from ultra-durable braided nylon that can stand up to lots of wear and tear.

And if you think these "genius" items will all be in the tech department, think again. There are intelligent finds to be had for every area of your life, like a universal lid that fits pots and pans of all sizes, so you don't have to spend time rummaging through cabinets while you meal prep, or a universal socket tool that automatically adjusts itself to be compatible with any nut, bolt, or screw you throw at it. Hey — with all these smart Amazon finds in your cart, it just might turn out that you're the Einstein in this shopping equation.


These webcam covers that enhance privacy

For just a few bucks, these webcam covers block computer camera lenses for upgraded privacy and peace of mind. What's more, the sliding mechanism on each one lets you uncover the lens any time you're ready to join a Zoom meeting. Each pack comes with two, and you can choose from black and white.


A ropeless jump rope that does away with tangles

This ropeless jump rope lets you get a good cardio workout without having to pause because of tripping or tangling. The handles are sweat-resistant, and each one has a weighted ball on the end that offers a traditional jump-roping experience, along with stainless steel ball bearings for smooth rotation.


An LED desk lamp with customizable settings

Get exactly the illumination you want with this desk lamp that features seven brightness levels and five color warmth levels between a cool or warm white. The lamp also has a pivoting base and head, so you can angle the beam where you need it, and the USB port at the bottom lets you charge your phone.


An erasable memo pad wristband

Make notes, mark down measurements, and keep track of appointments and deadlines with this memo wristband. The memo pad is lined to make it easy to organize thoughts, and you can tick off the checkmark boxes as you go. The waterproof wristband is compatible with ballpoint pens, and erases when you're ready to start over.


These bed sheet detanglers that prevent bunching in the wash

Keep your sheets from twisting up in the washer and dryer with these bed sheet detanglers. Keeping them from bunching up helps ensure that every inch of your sheets get clean, while also cutting down on drying time. The set comes with two detanglers: one for your flat sheet and one for your fitted sheet.


A screen cleaner you can reuse endlessly

Instead of sprays or disposable wipes, use this reusable screen cleaner to keep phone and tablet screens free of dust, smudges, and fingerprints. The roller design is easy to use, and when you need to refresh it, you can wash it with water and liquid soap.


These grill mats that'll turn you into a BBQ master

Achieve your grill master dreams with these copper grill mats that streamline your BBQ game. They keep meat from falling through the grates, prevent grease flare-ups, and evenly distribute heat for more consistent results. Plus, they're ultra-thin, so you still get grill marks on all your food. They're nonstick and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


An outlet extender that's angled to prevent cord bending

Get more plug-in space for devices and appliances with this highly rated outlet extender. Along with two USB ports for charging phones and tablets, it's outfitted with six AC outlets that are angled so that you can plug in from any direction. It's surge-protected and has a built-in night light, so you can see where to plug in when it's dark.


The dryer vent cleaning kit that attaches to your vacuum

Heads up: Your dryer lint trap doesn't actually catch all the lint, which can significantly downgrade performance and add heft to your energy bills. Attach this dryer vent cleaner hose to your vacuum, and you can suction out years' worth of lint in just a few seconds. The long, skinny hose comes with attachment heads designed to reach into tight spaces.


A glass dry-erase notepad that won't absorb markings

Ditch the paper and use this dry-erase notepad to keep track of tasks, ideas, and reminders. Unlike standard dry-erase boards, it's made from non-porous glass, which means you get an *actually* clean surface every time you erase. It comes with a magnetic kickstand for upright use, as well as a protective cover with foam pads to keep notes intact while you travel.


A universal lid that works with pots & pans of all sizes

If you're always rummaging around for the correct lid to fit the pot or pan on the stove, you'll love this universal lid for pots and pans. Made from tempered glass, it fits cookware from 7 to 12 inches in diameter, and the vent releases steam to prevent boiling over. When you're done using it, you can throw it in the dishwasher for cleaning.


The meal prep station for chopping, grating & food storage

Cooking just got so much more streamlined, thanks to this meal prep station. The top surface has a bamboo cutting board with a groove to catch runoff juices, and there's a cutout on one side for four interchangeable grating blades. Plus, there are four containers housed underneath, so you can instantly transfer cut and grated food to the fridge for storage.


This whetstone that sharpens knives to a fine edge

Whether you use it for kitchen knives or pocket knives, this highly rated whetstone will keep your blades razor sharp. One side of the whetstone features 400 grit for repairing chips and significant damage, while the other side features 1,000 grit for refining edges. The nonslip rubber base keeps it in place, and the accompanying flattening stone keeps everything level to prevent damage while you sharpen.


These cake shapers for more creative baking

Get creative in the kitchen with these customizable cake shapers that let you bake your devil's food any way you like it. The set comes with four flexible shapers — link them together in your shape of choice, set them on a cookie sheet, and pour the batter in.


The enzymatic drain sticks that prevent sink clogs

Stop clogs before they start with these clever drain sticks. Each one is infused with enzymes that break down grease, fats, oils, soap scum and food, so your drains will stay clear (and you won't have to call a plumber any time soon.) They're gently scented to keep everything smelling fresh, and each stick in the 48-pack lasts for up to a month.


The massager designed for your hands

Whether you play guitar, rock climb, or just type all day, you can use this hand and finger massager to loosen muscles and fend off stiffness. The dual massager features a single roller on one end for your palms, and a double roller on the other end to massage both sides of fingers at once.


These right-angle charging cables that won't fray

Bending your cables to plug them in almost inevitably leads to fraying, but these right-angle charging cables are designed to prevent exactly that. The pack comes with three nylon-braided cables that are extra-durable and at 10 feet, they offer plenty of length for plugging in.


The universal socket you can use with any nut, bolt or screw

Save space in your toolbox — and money on your next hardware store bill — by adding this universal socket tool to your cart. It automatically adjusts to fit any nut, bolt, or screw from 0.25 inches to 0.75 inches, and an adapter lets you turn your power drill into a socket driver.


An anti-fog spray that keeps your glasses totally clear

Keep your glasses lenses crystal clear with this anti-fog spray. Just spritz both sides of your glasses and let dry for 60 seconds before wiping away any streaks with a soft, dry cloth — your lenses will remain fog-free (even if you're wearing a mask) until you remove your specs at the end of the day.


This ab roller that gives you a full upper-body workout

If you buy one piece of home gym equipment, let it be this ab roller. Not only does it work abdominals, but it also strengthens arms and shoulders for a full upper-body workout. It has comfortable nonslip grips and a durable rubber wheel, so you can concentrate on your form — not keeping it in place — and it's small enough to stash in a closet after your workout.


The narrow brushes that clean tight spaces

There are parts of your home where dusters and paper towels just can't reach, but these gap cleaning brushes are narrow enough to whisk away dirt in any tight space. Each brush also has a scraping tool at the end of the handle to work out stuck-on grime. Use them in window tracks, vents, or the spaces between your sinks and counters.


These mats that keep your fridge clean

Scrubbing your fridge shelves can be a pain in the neck, but these refrigerator mats are easy to wipe clean, so the task only takes a few minutes. Made from porous foam, they can also help circulate air to keep produce fresh, which means your farmers market haul will last longer. The set comes with six mats that can be trimmed to size.


A tech organizer for electronic accessories

Electronic accessories have a tendency to scatter, but you can keep everything neat and together with this tech organizer. The zippered organizer is shockproof to protect against drops, and it features five interior mesh pockets for chargers, cables, thumb drives, power banks, memory cards, and more.


These grippers that keep rugs in place

You know that one area rug with the corners that curl up? Or the one that slides around when your dog runs across it? Yeah, you can remedy both of those issues with these rug grippers. They attach to the underside of each corner and use suction technology to secure it firmly to the floor — without leaving sticky residue behind.


A scratch & swirl remover for your car

You can restore your car's paint job to near-pristine condition without going into the red, thanks to this scratch and swirl remover. With the help of the included pad, it buffs out swirls and minor scratches, while leaving behind a high-gloss finish that'll make your ride look freshly waxed.


The cord cover kit that corrals messy cables

Eliminate the mess of tangled cables by your TV with this cord cover kit. It comes with 20 channels that you can link together to get the amount of length you need (including inside-corner and outside-corner channels), and you can secure everything to the wall with the adhesive backing or included drywall anchors and screws.


These soda can lids that preserve carbonation while you sip

Keep your open can of soda or beer carbonated for longer with one of these soda can lids. They seal over cans and feature screw tops that lock in fizz, so you can sip your drink slowly — or finish it hours later — without losing any refreshing bubbles.


The dish rack that fits over your sink

Save big time on counter space with this dish drying rack that extends over your sink. The slatted rack allows water to drip right through (so no mess), and it comes with a removable tray that lets you dry plates in an upright position. Plus, when you're not using the rack, it rolls up small, so you can stash it in a cupboard.


A set of 5 cooking utensils that nest on top of each other to save space

Outfitting your kitchen with all the essentials can take up tons of storage space, but these cooking gadgets nest on top of each other, so they take up minimal space in any utensil drawer. The set features five tools: a grater, a grinder for garlic and ginger, a pizza cutter, a bottle opener, and a swivel peeler for veggies. They're all made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel.


A reusable straw that collapses for on-the-go sipping

Whether you take it camping or just keep it in your car for drive-through runs, this reusable straw is an eco-friendly gadget to have on hand. Made from stainless steel, it collapses to a size that's small enough to fit in your pocket, and comes with a carrying case and cleaning brush.


The handles that let you carry all your grocery bags at once

Instead of making multiple trips between the car and the kitchen, use these bag handles to carry all your groceries in at once. The handles evenly distribute the weight of the bags, and their ergonomic design ensures they won't dig uncomfortably into your palms. Each set comes with two.


This portable fan that can be looped around your neck

Take this around-the-neck fan to your next sports game or backyard hang, and you won't miss air-conditioning at all. The USB-chargeable device features two fan heads that pivot in multiple directions, and there are three speed settings, so you can adjust the amount of airflow.


The light-up chopsticks that add a Skywalker twist to dinner

Eat takeout sushi in true Jedi form with these light-up chopsticks. They're powered by replaceable camera batteries (included) and come in a handful of colors, like blue, green, and red. The only problem? You'll have to fend off the urge to spar with any Darth Vaders on the other side of the table.


A bag sealer that keeps all your snacks fresh

Snack aficionados, listen up: This bag sealer is the best way to keep chips, crackers, trail mix, and other foods fresh and crispy (seriously, it's so much better than a chip clip). The small device heats up, and with just a swipe, it seals any snack bag. Plus, it has a built-in cutter, so you can easily open the bag again.


The herb scissors that speed up chopping time

Chopping herbs is one of the more time-consuming aspects of meal prep, but these herb scissors take care of basil, chives, dill, and other herbs in no time flat. They feature five stainless steel blades, so you can snip herbs five times as fast, and they come with a cleaning brush and a protective case.


An ice tray that makes cubes shaped like states

Adds some Americana to your next lemonade or cocktail with this ice tray that makes cubes shaped like the 48 contiguous states. The tray is flexible, so it's easy to pop out each cube, and it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Use this to make Jell-O shots, too.


A knife designed to spread cold butter

If you routinely butcher your morning toast because you're trying to spread cold Land O Lakes on it, then this uniquely designed butter knife is for you. Made from durable stainless steel, it features holes along the blade to curl the butter and spread it evenly on your bread.


This charging station that powers all your devices in one place

Give your smart devices a dedicated place to charge with this charging station with six ports and short cords. Made from natural bamboo, it has slots for phones and tablets, as well as platforms for your smartwatch and earbuds.


A drywall repair putty that's better than spackling

Whether you're trying to get your entire rent deposit back, or just patching up a few spots around the house, this drywall repair putty is a reliably buy. It repairs holes and cracks in drywall, plaster, and wood, and the applicator makes it a breeze to use. Plus, it's highly rated, with reviewers saying this method is way easier than sanding and spackling.


The memory foam knee pillow that aligns your entire body

Sleeping on your side just got a lot more comfortable, thanks to this memory foam knee pillow. It's ergonomically contoured to properly align your body and support the natural curve of your spine, which may help alleviate pain and discomfort. It comes with a soft and breathable cover that's removable and machine-washable.


This wine opener that's easier to operate than a corkscrew

The Cork Genius wine opener just might be the fastest and simplest way to break into a bottle of wine. Instead of a corkscrew, it uses an airlift approach to pop out the cork — just insert the needle into the top of the cork and pump a few times, and it'll pop out within a few short seconds.


This outlet plate with a built-in shelf

Get a little more real estate for your smart devices with this outlet shelf. It replaces any outlet plate and gives your phone a place to hang out while it charges. It can hold up to 3 pounds — so it's also great for small devices like the Echo Dot — and the cutout on the back lets you thread through a charging cable.


These resistance bands that are cheaper than a gym membership

For a fraction of the price of a monthly gym membership fee, these resistance bands offer a very respectable workout. The set comes with five bands in progressive levels of resistance, along with an instructional booklet that'll guide you through exercises that'll work your full body.


The smart plugs that let you voice-control appliances

Voice command any appliance or device when you hook them up to these smart plugs. The Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatible plugs also work in concert with an app, which means you can turn on the TV, check that you turned the lights off, or set the coffee maker to start brewing — all from your phone.


A USB-chargeable lighter that doesn't use fluid or flames

This USB-chargeable candle lighter doesn't require lighter fluid (so no refills necessary), and since it doesn't use a flame to light, you'll never have to worry about using it in the wind. This convenient little gadget can light up to 60 times on just one charge, so you won't have to think about plugging in any time soon.


This hair-cutting comb that makes at-home trims a cinch

This hair-cutting comb makes at-home trims so much easier. Attach one of the seven guides to one side of the comb to determine the amount of length you want your hair to be, then use the fine-tooth side of the comb to hold your hair steady while you snip.

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