10 new shows that will get you through another winter

It’s time to hunker down.

Fall TV shows
Maxine McCrann

If you’re feeling a TV void after finishing Squid Game, you’re in luck: It’s officially new TV season, and Mic has curated the 10 best fall TV shows to hunker down with and binge over the next few months.

In the interest of new discoveries, this list is confined only to new shows (though there are many returning series to obsess over, from Succession to Ozark). Some will still be familiar offerings — like a Dexter reboot and a risky, live-action adaptation of one of the greatest anime of all time. Watch all these new TV shows and — before you know it — the third season of Barry might have arrived.

Colin in Black & White

Colin in Black & White is a scripted drama that offers a kind of origin story to Colin Kaepernick, who co-created and narrated the show. The show depicts Kaepernick’s early years as a Black child adopted into a white family and his journey navigating nascent understandings about race in America. The fall TV series was co-created alongside Ava DuVernay, known for Netflix programs like 13th and When They See Us. Coming Oct. 29 on Netflix