The 8 best trifold wallets on Amazon

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If you’re looking for a reliable, compact way to carry cash, credit cards, and your ID, a trifold wallet is a great solution. The best trifold wallets are constructed from attractive yet durable materials that can withstand frequent use and provide ample space for your valuables. There’s a wide array of trifold wallets to cater to your needs, ranging from basic designs with a few compartments for just the essentials to ones with additional storage and safety features.

Since you’re likely to use your wallet on a regular, if not daily, basis, you should make sure it’s made from a material that can withstand some wear and tear. Leather is a go-to material for all kinds of fashion accessories, including wallets — but if you want the look of leather without animal-derived materials, you can opt for a quality faux-leather wallet instead. Another practical material for wallets is water-resistant nylon, and it can come in fun colors, too.

Another important factor to consider when selecting a trifold wallet is how much space. Trifold wallets vary in how many slots they offer for your credit cards and IDs, so it’s a good idea to count how many you’ll need before you choose a wallet. Most have separate compartments to stash your cash, but some feature sleek money clips instead. You can even find trifold wallets with coin pouches to accommodate loose change — just keep in mind that loading them up with coins might make your wallet feel bulkier. When shopping for a travel wallet, consider a more spacious option that can hold larger items like passports.

If security is of particular concern to you, look for extra safety-focused features. Many wallets have individually zippered compartments and/or snap or hook-and-loop closures that keep the wallet closed. You can also find wallets with removable straps or chains that keep them attached to your wrist or belt loop. There are also wallets with RFID-blocking technology, which is intended to prevent credit card and other personal info from being digitally skimmed — many experts say RFID-blocking technology isn’t necessary for wallets, however, it doesn’t hurt to have this feature if it offers you added peace of mind or if you simply find it in a wallet that you like.

Scroll on for eight of the best trifold wallets that you can purchase on Amazon.

1. The fan favorite

This fan-favorite leather Timberland wallet has garnered more than 22,000 customer ratings on Amazon and an overall 4.6-star rating. One Amazon reviewer wrote about the quality and longevity of construction: “I have owned this wallet for three years and it has held up very well.” It features six card slots, two slip pockets (aka small pockets you can slip extra cards or other items into), plus a transparent ID window with a thumb cutout, which makes sliding your ID in and out of the sleeve quick and seamless. Plus, it also has two compartments for cash. What the trifold wallet doesn’t have is a closure — though, several reviewers wrote that the card slots are tight to prevent cards from slipping out.

  • Material: Leather
  • Available colors & styles: 11

One reviewer wrote: “I am always happy with Timberland products. This wallet is very nice quality. It has a nice, rich color, fits perfectly in the pocket without being too bulky and even has two slots for your cash.”

2. The colorful nylon one

This nylon wallet comes in 12 colors and patterns, including the vibrant orange shade pictured above, allowing you to spot it quickly inside a pack or a purse. It features a transparent ID window and a zippered compartment for cash. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify exactly how many pockets for cards it has, several Amazon reviewers have noted that you can put multiple cards in the available slots, and one shopper reported, “I put in about 10 cards and no problem.” The wallet’s nylon is water-resistant, its double-stitched seams reinforce the material, and a hook-and-loop closure keeps it securely closed.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Available colors & styles: 12

One reviewer wrote: “Light, durable, roomy, very secure, and hi-visibility. Has several advantages over my previous leather wallet.”

3. The slim one with lots of pockets

While it can accommodate a lot at once, this water-resistant nylon wallet is designed to feel flat, and multiple Amazon reviewers have remarked how slim it is. One customer reported that “it’s not bulky even when completely full.” Inside the wallet, you’ll find 12 card slots (two of which are hidden slip pockets) as well as a transparent ID sleeve, two sections to store cash, and an exterior pocket with a zipper that can be used for loose change. The pockets are lined with rubber to prevent cards from slipping out, and the wallet is secured with a magnetic snap closure to keep things contained.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Available colors & styles: 7

One reviewer wrote: “I have enough room for my regular stuff plus gift cards that I always leave at home and then don't have when I go out. My wallet still stays skinny, has a secure closure and easy access to all the goods. My favorite wallet so far!”

4. The one with a money clip

If you want quick access to your cash, you might like this trifold wallet which comes with a money clip that can be used in lieu of a cash compartment. It’s crafted from faux leather, and Amazon reviewers have reported that it’s well made. It comes with seven card slots (which can actually hold up to 14 cards if you don’t mind doubling up cards). Additionally, several of the slots feature thumb cutouts for quick access. The wallet’s snap closure keeps your valuables secure, and it features RFID-blocking technology.

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Available colors & styles: 1

One reviewer wrote: “Wallet is nice and small. I just got it today to replace my hard case accordion RFID wallet. It’s more stylish and I like that it has a money clip too.”

5. The large leather one

Measuring 5.25 by 4 inches and nearly 1 inch thick, this is a hefty leather wallet that’s made to accommodate all your essentials. While it might be too large to fit in some side pockets, multiple Amazon reviewers reported that it comfortably fit in their back pockets. It features a snap-closure pouch for loose change, as well as 14 slots for cards, three transparent sleeves for photos or IDs, two sections for cash, and a zippered pocket — and it also has RFID-blocking technology. A snap button on the outside keeps your items securely inside its leather shell.

  • Material: Leather
  • Available colors & styles: 4

One reviewer wrote: “Great wallet for someone who doesn’t mind a large billfold. Feels fine in my pocket and the leather feels comfortable in my hand. Love the space and deep pockets for cash.”

6. The leather wallet with a chain

Thanks to its chain, this leather trifold wallet can attach to your belt loop so you can keep it in the pocket of your pants without fear of it slipping out. The interior is also lined with leather and features eight card slots along with two hidden pockets, a section for cash, and a transparent ID sleeve with a thumb cutout. The chain style is only available in one color (as pictured above) — but, you can also find this wallet in 14 options without a chain.

  • Material: Leather
  • Available colors & styles: 1

One reviewer wrote: “This wallet is awesome! The finish quality is really nice, they didn’t use cheap material for the card dividers, and the chain connections doesn’t appear to be cheap which means I don’t have to worry about snagging it and breaking the chain!”

7. The travel wallet

This travel wallet allows you to keep your valuables in one place when you’re in transit. Inside the wallet, there are three card slots, along with sections for your passport, plane tickets or boarding pass, plus a small pouch for a phone SIM card. There’s also a pen slot, a ring for attaching your keys, and a large compartment. The wallet is made of faux leather that Amazon reviewers have attested is durable — one shopper claimed that theirs was “is still going strong” after more than two years of use. It has a RFID-blocking lining, and it comes in dozens of colorways.

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Available colors & styles: 32

One reviewer wrote: “I needed something slim to put into my small carryon. Well, it was perfect! I put my boarding pass, passport, cash, and my credit cards in this wallet. I also carried it with me while out in the town.”

8. The clutch with a wrist strap

This trifold clutch comes with a wrist strap, allowing you to use it as a purse. With seven card slots, three transparent ID windows — two of which you can use to keep photos in — and two compartments for cash. Plus, there’s a zippered outer pocket. It’s made from faux leather that one Amazon reviewer described as “sturdy,” and the interior is protected with a zipper and RFID-blocking technology.

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Available colors & styles: 10

One reviewer wrote: “This works so well for me. Everything fits, from coins to paper money, any cards I may have and also my phone. Makes a great wallet or clutch.”