Ezra Miller has been arrested again in Hawaii

The arrest on Tuesday morning was their second in less than a month.

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Just four weeks after being charged with disorderly conduct and harassment, Fantastic Beasts and The Flash star, Ezra Miller, has been arrested in Hilo, Hawaii for second-degree assault.

They were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Pāhoa at the Leilani Estates subdivision in lower Puna, according to police. The assault occurred at a private residence when Miller became violent after being asked to leave. They allegedly threw a chair, according to the Hawaii Police Department, that struck an unidentified woman in the forehead and caused a half-inch cut. Miller was arrested at 1:30 a.m. during a traffic stop and was subsequently released at 4:05 a.m.

Miller’s erratic behavior seems to be a pattern. Hawaii Police Assistant Chief Kenneth Quiocho reportedly said that Miller has been the cause of at least 10 police calls during their time in the state. Their last arrest on March 28 was after they became unmanageable in a bar, yelling obscenities and lunging at patrons while they did karaoke and played darts. Miller was released after making bail. The day after that arrest, a couple filed a restraining order against Miller for allegedly coming into their bedroom, threatening them, and stealing their belongings. “I will burry [sic] you and your slut wife,” Miller said, according to one report of the filing. A judge dismissed the order on April 14, however, at the request of the couple. The couple’s lawyer declined to comment on why the petition was being dropped, despite the judge granting a hearing date for the case.

Miller’s behavior is not going unnoticed by Hollywood executives. Warner Brothers and DC executives reportedly held a meeting after Miller’s first arrest to discuss the future of the star’s involvement with the entertainment titans. According to Rolling Stone, an insider present said, “the consensus in the room was to hit pause on any future projects involving Miller, including possible appearances in the DC Cinematic Universe.” The latest incidents in Hawaii come after Miller posted a since-deleted Instagram video in January that saw them threatening a Klu Klux Klan chapter in North Carolina, and upsettingly, being caught on camera choking a female fan outside of a bar in Iceland. The Flash is set to come out this June, and it is unclear if Miller’s violent antics will affect that release date. For the time being though, it doesn’t seem as though Miller cares as they continue their string of upsetting incidents.