An absolute beginner’s guide to starting a podcast

Anyone can do it — but here’s how to do it well.

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So, you have a great podcast idea and want to get it out into the world — grabbing the mic and starting a podcast seems easy enough, right? Yes and no.

Tim Ruggeri, content manager for Acast and co-creator and co-host of The Complete Guide to Everything says the biggest misconception about starting a podcast is that anyone can do it. “While the tools have been democratized, and it’s easier than ever to start a podcast, creating and producing [one] that resonates with an audience of any size takes time, commitment and a creative drive that not everybody has,” he says.

But it’s not impossible — if you have an idea you’re excited about, you can certainly get it off the ground. Here’s how.

Finesse your idea.

Before you start, you need “a clear idea of what makes [your] potential show distinct from anything else that’s already out there,” says Jeremy Enns, founder of Counterweight Creative. “Too many podcasters skip this all-important step in favor of figuring it out on the fly, [and] 10 episodes in, they’ve put out a hodgepodge of episodes, failed to gain any traction, and end up quitting.” He recommends starting with a “10-word phrase that completely describes [your] show while also distinguishing it from anything else in existence.” If you can’t do that, you’re not quite there.