Johnny Depp's post-trial statement is already one of the most liked Instagram posts of all time

We live in hell.

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Social media has added a new layer to everything we do in this modern world, infiltrating and amplifying the most basic of interactions for the better — and many times for the worse. And in the 24 hours since Johnny Depp won his defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard, many celebrities have already taken sides in the case by clicking a tiny digital heart.

Depp initially won $15 million in damages from the jury’s ruling, but the judge reduced it to about $10.4 million, with Heard getting $2 million as a result of her countersuit. In the court of public opinion, sides have been taken on social media — and judging by the number of likes on both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s public statements, Depp has seemed to win as well. BuzzFeed compiled a list of celebrities who liked Johnny Depp‘s Instagram statement, and it reads like a who’s who of the glitterati.

In addition to Depp’s considerable fandom and every controversial conservative this side of the Mississippi showing their support, celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Patti Smith, Zedd, and Jennifer Aniston liked his Instagram statement, which received 17.3 million likes at the time this story was published. Depp’s statement received so many likes that it might rank among the most-liked Instagram posts of all time, the 20th on that list being Cristiano Ronaldo’s post in remembrance of Diego Maradona, which has about 19.6 million likes.

The full list of celebrities is too long and demoralizing to go through here, but more than 50 stars favor Depp over Heard, at least on the social web. To give you an idea of how extensive that is, the list includes multiple Emmy winners, more than a few Grammy winners, Oscar winner Taika Waititi, more than one supermodel, olympian Gabby Douglas, Marvel superheroes, two or more heiresses, and surprisingly, Heard’s co-star in Aquaman Jason Momoa.

Heard’s Twitter statement after the verdict had received an outpouring of support as well, at least from the common man, receiving more than 141,000 likes, far less than her courtroom opponent. On Instagram, Heard’s statement received an additional 335,000 likes. Heard’s list of celebrity supporters is way shorter, including just three Hollywooders: Selma Blair, The Good Fight actress Sarah Steele, and in a blatant display of bothsidesism, Jason Momoa, too. (I would’ve stayed out of it completely if I were him, but that, like Momoa, is neither here nor there.) Tellingly, Heard’s 195,000 quoted tweets are filled with vitriol in support of Depp as well, although it can be assumed that the 27,400 simple retweets she received are not outwardly averse to her words.

Public relations managers for these celebrities must be having a field day, since now social media and gossip-lovers the world over are going to infer all sorts of things about these celebs, whether they feel strongly about the Depp/Heard case or not. In a world where a whole life’s worth of assumptions can be created with a double tap on a picture, maybe we all should think twice if we truly want to tie ourselves to the latest news.