The Squid Game creator's new show is about creating Squid Game

Hwang Dong-hyuk says The Best Show on the Planet is a satirical take on his hit series’ success.

South Korean director Hwang Dong-Hyuk poses during the 'Squid Game' photocall as part of the 5th edi...
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It’s being reported by Deadline that Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk is creating another series called The Best Show on the Planet. The satire would delve comedically into the making of Squid Game for Netflix, a show that took the world by storm and became a viral mega-hit seemingly out of nowhere.

At its height, Squid Game reached 100 million households faster than any other show ever had, and was on most-watched lists in 94 countries. The show critiqued late-stage capitalism, as contestants competed to the death for money in a series of schoolyard games turned fatalistic challenges. The show was a major pop culture moment: the distinctive Squid Game jumpsuits were a ubiquitous costume for Halloween 2021, and Chrissy Teigen even threw an ill-advised Squid Game-themed party.

Per Deadline, The Best Show on the Planet is in its early development stages with little yet to report, but will be “a satire based on his personal experience of forging an overnight global hit.” Hwang thinks Squid Game could be a ground-breaking show for tapping into the market of non-English speaking shows. “There are untapped parts of the world that don’t speak English and you only have to think of their market size. These are huge, growing populations,” he said. “Non-English titles can’t reach the level of English titles yet due to a lack of investment, but if the trend continues then I personally think there will come a point when non-English language content goes beyond English language content.”